Artemis I praise, sister of bright Apollo,
first-born of blessed Leto, dear child of Zeus.
Fairest among maidens, you roam the wilderness;
the enchanting nymphs are your friends and companions.
You take joy in wood and meadow, swift-footed one,
you who loves dance and games, you who wins every race.
As the wild lands are yours, so too are the wild beasts;
huntress you are--with bow your skill is unsurpassed,
always do your arrows find their mark. Artemis,
O kindly one, you ease the sharp pains of childbirth,
and you are the fiercest protector of children.
O luminous goddess, I praise and honor you.

Luminous Artemis, daughter of Leto,
unsurpassed goddess, guardian of children.
In all wild things--wild lands, wild beasts--
in clear-eyed precision, in flawless aim,
in freedom and motion, in athlete's grace,
in all these we know you, radiant one.
Shining Artemis, huntress unequaled,
beloved companion of nymphs and maidens,
swift-footed wanderer in wood and field,
we thank you for skill and agility,
for heart-pounding effort, for love of the chase.
Fair Artemis, we praise and honor you.

Artemis, light-footed maiden, child of great Zeus
and blessed Leto, sharp-eyed one whose aim never fails.
Luminous Artemis, sure-stepping huntress,
graceful one who takes joy in dance and in contests,
ruthless protector of children and young women,
kind one to whom mothers turn in their travail.
Artemis, deer-slayer, guardian of untamed life,
I pray to you. Dark-eyed mistress of animals,
in thick-grown woods and sun-soaked fields we know you,
in the maddening chase, in the fire in our lungs,
in skill and precision, in the body's memory;
grant me understanding of such chaste passion.

Fleet-footed Artemis, keen-eyed daughter of Zeus
and gentle Leto, sister of bright Apollo,
we see your shadow in the woods, the curve of your
bow, the flex of your arm, we hear the wind whisper
as your arrows seek their mark--deadly your art,
flawless your aim. Huntress you are, O Artemis,
slayer of the stag and of the boar, slayer of men
and of women, death by your hand is death unforeseen.
Maiden you are, goddess, and friend of maidens;
ever-youthful one, your favor falls on the young,
watching over young girls as they brave the world's wonders,
comforting the mother in the throes of her labor,
keeping in your care the newborn babe. Artemis,
shining maid of the wilderness, who takes pleasure
in games, in contest and in merriment, who leads
the nymphs in their carefree dance, whose clear voice we hear
in the songs of young women and the hunter's cry.
Artemis, strong and tall, I praise and honor you.

I praise bright Artemis, fair as the budding branch,
fair as the spotted fawn, brave as the young bear.
From crafty Hephaistos you took the artful bow,
the sharp-barbed shafts; from father Zeus
you claimed your calling. Far-shooting Artemis,
through the thick of the darkened wood you make your way,
trailing boar and hare, swiftly and silently,
your aim ever flawless, ever kind. Artemis,
light-bringer, mountain-dweller, graceful one who runs
through thorn and thistle with never a scratch, goddess
unparalleled, friend of mothers in their travail,
friend of maidens, friend of the pretty nymphs,
in old Arcadia you roamed the wilderness,
in Tauris you took the blood of men, in Ephesus
you wore the mural crown. The fire of youth
is in you, goddess, the bold and valiant spirit
that marks a child as yours. Free-hearted Artemis,
worthy daughter of Leto, I honor you always.

I praise you, Artemis, free-hearted child of Zeus
and blessed Leto, courageous goddess who roams
the wildwood with silver bow at hand. Artemis
of many names, Artemis of many lands,
your temples stood shining and tall, in cities
and in villages. In the long days of summer
the maidens dance in your honor; in Brauron
were the little she-bears under your care.
Artemis, the mountains are yours to wander,
fleet-footed and firm of step; the wilds of the world
are dear to you, O guardian of wood and of beast.
Goddess who takes joy in dance and song,
companion of the laughing nymphs in all their play,
of all young maids you are the swiftest and the strongest,
the fairest and the first, in skill and grace the greatest.

I call to Artemis, fleet-footed bow-woman,
roamer in the woodland, wild-willed mistress of beasts,
fierce-hearted protector of young girls. Artemis,
daughter of thundering Zeus and blessed Leto,
sister of bright Phoebus, the lovely nymphs attend you.
On Delos and in Ephesos your name was spoken
with reverence and devotion; in all the lands
your temples stood, ever fragrant with sweet incense.
The creatures of the wood gather around you;
the graceful deer, the bear and the boar, all are yours.
Artemis, friend of the hunter and the fisher,
friend of mothers and midwives and all small nurslings,
friend of maidens, unfettered and free of spirit,
far-shooting goddess, goddess of the strong voice
whose words of the heart are heard, I call to you.

Litany to Artemis

Beautiful Artemis, dark-eyed maid with tangled hair,
well-garlanded one, racing the wind through flowered fields;
playmate of the radiant nymphs, you shine more brightly
than any other, O excellent goddess.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Artemis the chaste, maiden untouched and free
of will, unruled and unrestrained, you are your own
woman, your own mistress, forever your own self.
Artemis, ideal to which we may only aspire,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Artemis who delights in arrows, whose shafts
of gold pour down like rain, far-working goddess
whose aim is ever true, swift-shooting bow-woman
who lets fly a hundred darts to darken the sky,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Artemis of the hunting-spear, Artemis of
the bow, each shot a clear shot, each strike a deathstrike,
spiller of blood, taker of life, merciful one,
your sure and steady arm delivers an easy death.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Artemis of the strong voice, clamorous one
whose bold cries echo through the forest; Artemis
whose calls strike fear into the hearts of all, you join
your sweet song with the bays of the hounds.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Artemis of the beasts, who runs with the wolf
and the deer, who knows the ways of all the wild things,
who wards the wilderness from those who would despoil
the land, who would take from it what they do not need,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Prayer to Artemis for the Protection of the Beasts

I pray to Artemis, noble-hearted daughter
of Zeus, ruler of the mountain and the wood,
roamer in the wilderness. Potnia Theron
were you named of old, lady of the beasts, mistress
of the animals. Under your care are the creatures
of the field and the forest, the sea and the sky.
I pray to you, Artemis, keep safe those helpless ones
who live their lives upon the earth, shield them from harm,
defend them from those who would destroy them, guide them
to flee and to hide from perils and foes. Goddess,
Artemis, I pray to you, shelter these wild ones.

Prayer to Artemis Before the Hunt

Slim-ankled Artemis, free-footed, wild-haired girl,
with steps swift and silent you run through the wood,
your bow at the ready, your shafts sharp and deadly.
Far-shooting Artemis, keen of eye and strong of arm,
your aim ever true, you take your prey, goddess,
with a single strike. Artemis, I pray to you
as I begin my hunt--may my eyes be clear,
may my hand be steady, may the shots I fire
reach my target and no other, may any kill be quick.
I am grateful, goddess, for the meat on my table.
I am grateful, goddess, for the time I spend
in the cold, in the wood, hearing the silence;
I am grateful, goddess, for the time I spend
in your world. Grant that I take on this work
with honest intent, grant that I feel the weight
of what I do, grant that I honor the lives
that feed me. Mistress of the hunt, I pray to you.

Prayer to Artemis to Protect a Young Girl

Artemis, daughter of kindly Zeus and fair Leto,
friend of young maids in their merry games and dances,
I pray to you, O goddess, watch over __________
in her travels through the world. Keep her safe from harm,
guard her from evil, protect her from all ill,
grant her the strength to overcome all obstacles,
grant her the resilience to recover from loss,
grant her the wisdom to find her way through the dark,
grant her true friends to join her on her journey.
Show her the joy in life, the pleasures of today
and the promise of tomorrow. Give her the gift
of a mind turned ever toward happiness and hope.
Artemis, defender of maidens, of frank
and forthright youth, I praise you and honor you.
I seek your favor, goddess; I ask your blessing.

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