Honored Demeter, mother of Persephone,
I praise you. Fair-haired bringer of bounty,
all growing things, sweet fruits and golden grains, are yours;
willingly you provide us what is most needful.
Kind though you are, when each year the harvest is done,
then, noble Demeter, is your power revealed.
As you mourn your beloved daughter's departure,
the earth mourns with you, and all see what would soon be,
what would become of all life, great one, without you.
Without you would the fruitful land be barren.
Without your gifts would its people starve and perish.
O Demeter, mighty goddess, I honor you.

Demeter, praiseworthy goddess of grain,
beloved mother of Persephone.
In golden-brown fields flowing in the wind,
trees heavy with fruit, the thanksgiving feast,
tender devotion of mother and child,
in these we find you, most revered goddess.
Demeter, giver of life's greatest needs,
whose joy and sorrow are felt by the earth
and by all of us who dwell upon her,
we thank you for your unending bounty,
for spring's green leaves and autumn's rich harvest.
Great Demeter, we praise and honor you.

Honored Demeter, rooted in the dark earth,
tender shoots and golden sheaves alike are yours.
Noble goddess, fair-haired provider of reward
to those who work the land, trading sweat and toil
for fruit and grain; mother of Persephone,
your will and devotion turn the world, the seasons.
Demeter, awe-inspiring goddess, wrathful one,
endless one, I pray to you. Grant me hope in despair,
love and loyalty so fierce no foe can best me,
sufficiency, growth, transformation. Demeter,
bring me through darkness, temper my spirit,
show me the joy within pain, the life within cold soil.

Fair-haired Demeter, daughter of nimble-footed Rhea,
grandchild of deep-hearted Gaia, mother of
bright-eyed Persephone: in you, as in them all,
is the soul of the earth. The golden grain is yours,
O Demeter, and the heavy-fruited trees,
the dark rich soil and the seeds that hide within.
Friend of the farmer, friend of all who rely
on your goodness and kindness, your gift of growth,
your gift of bread, your gift of all our lives. Demeter,
bountiful lady, with each spring's greening of the land
you give us hope; with each rich harvest that hope
is answered. Demeter, good mother, I praise you.

Shining Demeter, queen of the fruitful earth,
daughter of great-bosomed Rhea of ancient name,
mother of Persephone, friend of the farmer,
friend of all those who hold hope in their hearts.
You hold in your hands the warm black soil, Demeter,
you hold in your hands the lives of men and women.
By your will it is, goddess, that the fields flourish,
the trees bear sweet fruit; by your goodness it is
that we harvest food enough to feed our families.
Kind you are, Demeter, benevolent one,
and yet never should your favor be presumed,
for your wrath is such that it could end all lives
if such was your desire. Your gifts are precious,
O Demeter, more precious than the gold and jewels
that lie beneath the new-sown seeds; your blessings
are the air we breathe, the bread we eat. Blessed goddess,
Demeter of the great heart, we thank you each day
for all you have given us, all we know of life.

Demeter of the furrowed field, bearer of sheaves,
bearer of sorrow, I pray to you. Goddess,
dear to you is the deep earth, the seed within the soil,
the heavy-headed grain; dearer still your daughter,
for whose sake you would turn away from all whose lives
are bound to your gifts. In this as in all things,
O goddess, do we honor your necessity;
we know well, Demeter, what we owe to your might
and good will. Goddess of harvests, you sustain
our bodies; mother of mysteries, you ennoble
our spirits, you ready us for sweet Elysium.
Gracious Demeter, I pray for your favor.

I call to Demeter, great lady of the land,
friend of the farmer, sustainer of mankind,
daughter of deep-hearted Rhea and wily Kronos,
loving mother of rich-tressed Persephone.
In ancient times were you honored by country folk
above all others; in all the provinces
did men and women pray to you and ask your blessing.
Goddess, we see your hand in rows of golden grain,
in heavy-fruited trees, in fields of scarlet poppies
blooming amongst the barley, in the passing of seasons,
in the fury of a mother wronged. Demeter,
lauded in storied Eleusis, mistress of
those cherished mysteries and sacred rites,
by your might and your compassion do we endure,
do we live our lives. Demeter, I call to you.

Litany to Demeter

Blessed Demeter, granter of the most precious
of gifts, yours is the sweet fruit that hangs from the trees,
yours the field of golden grain flowing in the wind,
yours the life that fills our hearts with love and thankfulness.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Demeter, mistress of seasons, goddess whose hand
guides flowers to bloom and fruit to ripen, whose might
turns spring into summer, to fall and to winter,
who grants well-deserved rest to the laboring soil,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Wrathful Demeter, friend of the Furies who bring
revenge to the wronged and punishment to the wicked,
noble goddess who answered the theft of a child
with a mother's rightful rage. Worthy Demeter,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Dark-cloaked Demeter, veiled in sorrow, who traveled
the wide world in search of lost Persephone,
whose misery brought drought and famine to the children
of men, whose joy at her return brought life again.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Demeter Khthonia, holder of the secrets
of the deep earth, daughter of cymbal-clashing Rhea,
mother of Hades' dark queen, yours are the mysteries
of life and of death, yours the gifts most prized by men.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Prayer to Demeter for a Good Harvest

Demeter, gracious goddess who grants to mankind
the gift of grain, whose might it is that brings the trees
to fruit, whose hand we see as buds become blossoms,
who taught to men the art of the seed, whose blessing
we beg, whose wrath we dread, goddess, I pray to you.
The green shoot is yours, Demeter, and the root
that clings to the black soil. In one fair arm you hold
a sheaf of golden wheat, in the other a poppy,
blood-red and fragrant; by your good will we are fed
in body and in soul. Essential Demeter,
friend of the farmer, by whose power do we survive,
I pray to you, show to us a fruitful season,
bless us with an abundant harvest, food enough
to bring us through the long winter. For your goodness
and your kindness we thank you, Demeter; for your
favor we pray to you, O bountiful goddess!

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