Kind Eileithuia, helper of women,
friend of mothers, giver of easy births.
Honored by women long ago you were,
in fine temples. More ancient still your praise
in distant Amnisos, deep in a cave,
dark as the womb, pools of cool water within,
your image carved in stone, touched by prayerful hands
until it smoothed and shone. Daughter of Zeus
and noble Hera, many offerings
of sweet honey were you given of old,
still more will you be given in thanks.
Gentle Eileithuia, skillful goddess,
bring to me a quick labor and safe birth,
welcome with me a loved and healthy child.

Kind Eileithuia, goddess most dear to mothers,
goddess most ancient, goddess most necessary,
I praise your name, I honor your calling.
Eileithuia, in Crete were you well honored.
Lady of Amnisos, within the deep earth
your temple lay of old, within the deep earth
did you receive offerings of cakes and sweet honey.
Bearer of torches, bringer of new life
into the bright world, Eileithuia, I praise you.

Prayer to Eileithuia for a Woman in Childbirth

I pray to Eileithuia, gracious granter
of relief to those who lie in childbed,
daughter of mighty Hera within whose realm
you wield your gift, O ancient one who sits
at the feet of the Fates. Eileithuia, easer
of the travail of women, gentle-handed
one who gives us strength to bear the racking pains
of childbirth, leader to life of all who ever
trod upon the fair-faced earth. O Eileithuia,
kind-hearted one, deliverer from pain,
I pray to you for the health of mother and child.
I ask of you, comfort this woman in the throes
of birth, aid her in her labor, safeguard her
and her child as it enters the bright-lit world.

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