Eros, ancient one, swift impulse and raw power,
I praise you. Born of chaos, of love and conflict,
beautiful god, your arrows always hit their mark,
and when struck we are transformed. Bringer of passion;
of youthful innocence discovering first love;
of fiercely felt desire and of lust-driven need;
of love fulfilled; of a single bittersweet night
or a lifetime's rapture; of a love unreturned;
of blessed heights of ecstasy; of sweet despair,
of heart-sharp pain; of bliss passing understanding;
of purity of feeling; of clarity of heart--
Eros, capricious one, for these gifts I thank you.

Eros unbending, strong-willed, unsubtle,
savage grace and delicate awareness,
whispering in lovers' ears, bringing us
your gift of ferocity. Passion's god,
deftly you guide our hands, our lips, our thoughts.
With fury and gratitude we greet you;
we find pure joy but never contentment,
more we seek, more you give, more we become.
Eros unfathomable, ancient one,
blinding, terrifying, capricious,
inevitable. Eros beautiful,
Eros unbearable, beloved one,
compelling one. Always I honor you!

Eros, whirlwind of sense and sensation,
blind irresponsible force behind life.
In flashes of raw need, in sudden lust,
in wretched souls praying for desire's end,
in savage pursuit of a single goal,
in these we know you, inevitable one.
Eros, revealer of harsh truths within,
guide of lovers true and false, pleasure's child,
swift storm of feeling, overwhelming urge,
we thank you for a step into passion,
for love taken, love given, love made.
Glorious Eros, we praise and honor you.

Eros, deep-hearted god, source of sweet need,
searing, purifying flame of desire,
agony we seek again and again,
unquestioned guide of those lost in feeling;

golden-winged god whose madness none may flee,
beautiful one whose will none may defy,
your gifts unbearable, ephemeral,
your blessings ceaseless, endless, limitless.

Great Eros, I pray to you, consume me,
bring me the essence of passion,
the wholeness of lust, the lightness of
completion. Bless me, Eros, with unreason.

Eros, lauded by all lovers, knowing or no,
first and most constant companion of Aphrodite.
Eros, source of all desire and so of all life,
god of the senses, of the body, of the heart,
you give us sweet need and exquisite fulfillment
and take but our reason, an exchange more than fair.
Unknowable Eros, chief of the Erotes,
far-reaching one who none my escape, I pray to you.
O Eros, whose gifts enable our survival,
grant me a daring spirit, a wide-open soul,
an ardent nature, the will to follow passion.
Grant me the courage of my own integrity.

Eros, bright-winged god, I open my heart to you.
Born of chaos, first out of the void, you entered
the world and all became yours. Child of love and strife,
fairest among the deathless gods, dear companion
of golden Aphrodite, your power touches us all.
Eros, beautiful one, compelling one, your charm
and grace are surpassed by none; your hand is in our lives,
so subtle, so plain, so devious and demanding.
The course of love is never smooth, this we all know;
creation is a noisy, disorderly thing
and harmony is a long, slow process; love too,
O Eros, shifts and wavers, balance is fleeting,
and two hearts meet, for mere moments only, and yet
that is enough. Eros, raging inspiration
of lovers and poets, swift-shooting one
whose aim is without flaw, whose prey is forever changed;
Eros, who sets alight the desires of men,
who overwhelms reason, who conquers all wisdom,
whose might renders weak the strong and the steadfast,
I praise your name, I thank you for your many gifts.

Eros, ancient one, youthful one, holder of souls,
opener of hearts, you give and take with the same
spirit, the same fury, the same deft hand. Eros,
child of passion, driving force of the universe,
yours is the face of desire, yours the strength of love,
in you we see the world as once it was, in you
we hear the voice of lovers joined as one. Eros,
child of chaos, brother of sweet harmony,
yours is the cord that binds our lives together,
yours the scourge that drives us where our bodies lead,
in you we find purpose, in you we seek solace.
Eros, in my blood and my tears I know you,
in my pulse I feel your might, your call to life
above all. I thank you for your many blessings.

Beautiful Eros, ever-young, ever-fair,
your eyes, so dark, so ancient, pierce the soul
as your golden darts pierce the heart. Light-hearted god,
teacher of harsh lessons, giver of precious gifts,
through you do we find our best selves, through you do we show
our worst faces; if ever we are good and decent,
if ever we are greedy and cruel, it will be
for the sake of love and desire. In your realm,
sharp-shafted Eros, do we show ourselves true.
Before you, O Eros, we are all weak, and all strong.

I call to Eros, ancient one, child of chaos,
child of love and of strife, kin of the deep earth,
companion of laughter-loving Aphrodite.
Eros, confounding one, fleet-footed bearer
of shafts so sharp we scarcely feel the prick,
and yet no cut do we feel so deeply. Eros,
in Thespia and in Parios were you much honored;
in all the lands did men and women speak your name
with hope and reverence, burning sweet incense
and pouring out wine. All know your might, O Eros;
all know the barbs of your blessed darts, all know
the pain of such a wound; and all would sooner
be your prey than seek to dodge your bolt. Eros,
granter of the dearest gifts, clouder of senses,
piercer of hearts, loosener of limbs, I call to you.

Prayer to Eros for the Gift of Desire

Eros, ancient one whose might it was that brought life
into being, capricious one whose gift it is
to fire the hearts of gods and men with lust and love,
I call out to you. Eros, master of desire,
bearer of the bow, your golden shafts you shoot,
so swift, so sharp, we barely feel the prick.
Eros, your blessings I have known; I know their worth.
They are a treasure, precious and true. Eros,
grant to me your sweet misery, the yearning
and the need that drive mankind, that bring us
together again and again. Strike me
with your dart, O Eros, make of me your mark.

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