I praise the Fates, careful crafters of destiny,
daughters of Night, daughters of Necessity,
sparing ones, kind-hearted ones, relentless ones,
goddesses who grant to each one his portion,
mighty ones who hold in hand each mortal life,
a thread spun smooth and fine as a spider's web.
What is right, what is meet, is yours, O Moirae;
the power of Fate is the power of need,
the power of concord, the power of order.
The power of Fate is the power of death,
the power of life, each allotted as is fit.
Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, goddesses wise
and ancient, who sing of what is, what was,
and of what will be, long-revered ones who in times
of old received libations of sweet honey,
I honor your calling, I thank you for your gifts.

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