I praise the fair-minded Furies, daughters of Ge,
daughters of starry-cloaked Ouranos her consort,
born of blood and betrayal. Your wrath falls upon
the oathbreaker, O righteous ones; your vengeance
is borne by the murderous, the villainous,
the faithless and the wicked. Couriers of justice,
harbingers of evil omen, curse-bearers,
gracious ones who demand from the wrongdoer
what penance is due, none can escape your swift
and certain sanction. Goddesses, I honor you.

Prayer to the Furies to Right a Wrong

I call to the Furies, the kindly Erinyes
who will not bear that justice remain undone,
who will not suffer the evildoer to go free,
who will not allow him to enjoy the reward
of his crime. Gracious goddesses, you know the pain
of a wrong unavenged, you know the wrath
of an innocent injured, you know the heart
of one who has suffered and seen the guilty
escape the judgment of men. Revered ones,
Eumenides, I call to you for retribution!

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