Blessed Gaia, mother of all, I honor you.
All-encompassing one, from chaos you arose;
you brought Ouranos into being, O Gaia,
to father your children, to make for them a home.
Mother you are to many, titans and monsters;
grandmother you are to Olympus' shining gods;
life-giver you are to all who dwell on the earth.
O Gaia, kind one, your gifts are without number--
the land on which we live, the food we eat, the air--
all the world's wonders--all of existence itself.
Revered goddess, for these things and more we thank you.
Gaia, source of all life, I praise and honor you.

Bountiful Gaia, mother of us all,
generations have passed beneath your gaze.
In white-streaked skies, in rock and mud and dirt,
in frigid blue waters crowned with bright ice,
in heavy-fruited trees, in birth, in death,
in these we see you, beloved goddess.
Gaia, provider of many treasures--
the blades of grass, the mountains, the rivers,
the creatures of the wind, the sea, the earth,
we thank you for all--for fruit and grain,
for sweet water, for the air, for our lives.
Blessed Gaia, we praise and honor you.

Gaia, elder god, first among the worthy ones,
first out of the void, who brought all things into being,
kind-hearted goddess, loving mother of many;
broad-bosomed Gaia, home to all who breathe your sweet air,
benevolent one, we look go you for comfort,
for solace in sorrow, for counsel in chaos,
we seek your wisdom, we seek your foreknowledge,
for you have ever been and ever will be,
so long as we have walked upon your sod and stone,
so long as we have shared in your bounty, so long
as we have lived, have we known you, and have we
relied upon your goodness and compassion.
Gaia, gracious one, upholder of order,
we have drunk of your clear, clean water, goddess;
we have eaten of your fruit, we have taken
of your riches. Gaia, from whom all life arose,
we thank you for your gifts; we thank you for your blessings.

Beautiful Gaia, mother of might, mother
of all things, mother of gods and giants,
mother of creation and of destruction.
From formless Chaos you arose, deep-hearted one;
in the time before time you took your ease, O Gaia.
You brought forth the shining sky to be your love,
to father your wondrous children. Gaia, mother
of Titans, mother of those called monster, all are yours,
all are loved, all are precious to you. I praise you,
goddess, for all you are, for all you have given,
for the love you bear for all who call you mother.

I praise Mother Gaia, who brought to life
all who live upon the earth, creator of gods,
of mortal men and beasts. Gaia, all your children
are dear to you, all will you defend from abuse
and oppression. Gaia, you are mighty,
you are kind, you provide for us what we most need--
the food that sustains us, the air that we breathe--
and yet you are firm, you show us the simple truth
of our existence, the slightness of our lives:
the grass grown tall between the cracks in the road,
the moss that clings to brick and stone, the vine that climbs
the walls of men until they crumble, all these are yours.
Gaia, most ancient and most revered goddess,
you are our source of life and reason for right living.
In all ways I honor you, for all gifts I thank you.

I call to Gaia, broad-bosomed mother of all;
from Chaos were you born, goddess, first among the gods.
Mighty Ouranos you made, gentle Gaia,
to be your mate, to father your many offspring.
Great are your children, mother of Titans, mother
of giants, each one dear to your great heart.
In every province you receive due honors,
for every city you provide a steady seat.
Gaia, you stand witness to the oaths of men,
you give your counsel with the voice of the seer,
your vengeance falls on those who profane the ground
with blood wrongly shed. Within you lie
the honored dead who receive, with you, libations
of sweet wine; within you lie the roots and seeds
that bring us all to life. Gaia, I call to you.

Litany to Gaia

Well-honored Gaia, whose name is praised in every
land, whose voice is heard in dreams of prophecy,
whose vengeance falls upon the murderer, who bears
the weight of sorrow with serenity and strength,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Broad-bosomed Gaia, granter of the gift of life
to all who dwell on the green earth. mother of many,
of Titans and giants, all your children bound
to you by love, O Gaia of the great heart.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Gaia, companion of the Karpoi, those spirits
of fruit and grain who play at your feet, who dance
on the rich dark soil, who turn up their faces
in the warm soft rain, who take joy in the harvest.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Gaia on whom the oaths of men and women are sworn
with solemn words and honest hearts, Gaia who sees
all actions, who witnesses all vows, who rewards
the upright and punishes the faithless. Gaia,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Blessed Gaia who arose from formless Chaos,
bringer of order whose being and body
are held in common among all the far-flung realms,
whose spirit lies in all whose lives you hold in hand,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Prayer to Zeus, Gaia & Helios for Witnessing an Oath

I call to Zeus, great lord of Olympos,
upholder of order, upholder of truth,
to hear the words I speak on this day,
to witness the oath I make before you.

I call to broad-bosomed Gaia, mother
of all that is, who knows of all her children,
to hear the words I speak on this day,
to witness the oath I make before you.

I call to all-seeing Helios, driver
of the chariot of the sun, bright-haired god,
to hear the words I speak on this day,
to witness the oath I make before you.

Hear me, O deathless ones; mark my words
on this day, in this place. Hold me to my vow,
I pray to you, for I bind myself
freely and willingly with this pledge.

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