Hekate I praise, fair maiden of the crossroad,
you who see things hidden, who heard Persephone
as she cried out from the underworld. Hekate,
with whose help did Demeter regain her dear child;
whose torches light the moonless night; who guards the gate;
who receives due offering wherever three roads meet;
yours, goddess, are shares in all the realms. Hekate,
who travels freely along all roads, I praise you.
To you, Hekate, are the mysteries known.
To you do women ever turn for protection.
To you do those who work magic pray for wisdom.
Hekate, ancient one, I praise and honor you.

Hekate, wise one, walker in the dark
who moves swiftly along hidden pathways.
In bright flames in the night, uncertain roads
made clear, in shifting lucent visions,
in hard choices made, in shadows embraced,
in all these are you well known, Hekate.
Hekate, knower of things unknown,
seer of things unseen, guide of the lost,
guardian of spirits, friend of the helpless,
we thank you for comfort and for shelter,
for a despairing heart's flutter of hope.
O Hekate, we praise and honor you.

Hekate, sure-stepping maid, watcher at the gate,
honored by mighty Zeus above all others,
fair goddess who walks freely along all paths,
holder of shares in all the worlds. Hekate,
keeper of evil from the home, friend of women,
guardian of children, protector in fear and need.

Hekate, keen-eyed one of whom we know too little,
honored in ancient times at each home's door,
receiver of crossroad offerings, of mothers' prayers,
I ask of you, defend us now as you did then.
I call on you to guard my home, my family,
my children. Kind Hekate, I praise and honor you.

Glorious Hekate, well known by all in times past,
honored today as well in many guises,
on this dark night I pray to you, shining goddess.
Peerless Hekate, I pour out sweet wine to you,
I pray to you: safeguard my home, my household;
watch over my daughters; keep all ill from my door.

Ever-watchful Hekate, fair one, ancient one,
fast friend of women, trusted guardian of the home.
Hekate, whose reach extends through all the worlds,
whose might and fearful wisdom are unsurpassed,
whose sharp ears alone heard the cries of Persephone,
who is honored above all others by great Zeus.
Gracious Hekate, who walks with sure step
on twisted paths and shadowed streets, I pray to you.
Grant me freedom from fear, calm born of certainty
and faith, protection from all ill, from all evil.
Hekate, kind one, keep safe my home and family,
shield my children from all harm, guard well my door.

Dark-eyed Hekate, daughter of Asteria,
deep-hearted goddess, walker of many roads.
In the dark, in the night, you bring comfort
to those who suffer, to those who despair,
to those who are powerless, hopeless, defenseless.
At the threshold you stand, immovable,
barring all evil, safeguarding the home.
At the crossroad you stand, in that in-between
where nothing is certain and nothing is safe.
Along the edges of propriety
you go, with steady step and ready wit,
to guide and sustain those who do what they must.
In all the worlds you hold a share, on earth
and sea and sky, you move with ease among them.
Bearing torches, you light our way at night,
you lead us through shadows, you nourish our souls.
Guide of the lost, friend of the friendless,
comforter of the bereft, protector of the stranger, the outcast,
the forlorn. warder of the door and all within,
Hekate, I thank you for needful gifts.

World-wandering Hekate, night-loving goddess,
dweller in darkness, bearer of torches, between
the realms you pass with ease, made welcome in each,
made mighty in each. Whenever we move from one
place, one time, one state of being to another,
you are there to comfort us. Whenever we enter
or leave this life, you are there to carry us.
Whenever we are in fear or in need, goddess,
you are there to sustain us. Thrice-blessed Hekate,
friend of frail and fragile mortals, I honor you.

I call to you, kind Hekate, watchful daughter
of far-seeing Asteria, torch-bearing goddess,
night-wanderer, pale and fair as the moonflower.
Hekate of the three ways, goddess of the crossroad,
keen-eyed one, you see clearly what others overlook.
Hekate of the three realms, goddess who holds
a stake in all the worlds, all within are yours to stir.
Gentle of touch and firm of hand, Hekate,
leader of the ghostly train, the barking of dogs
marks your passage, the shining of stars lights your path.
Hekate who is the companion of those who who walk
the bounds of light and dark, I praise and honor you.

I call to Hekate, who stands at the crossroad,
who stands at the city gate, who stands before
each family's home, to watch and to ward off evil.
Bearer of torches, leader of hounds, holder of keys,
daughter of the deep earth and the starry sky,
you tread upon the path less traveled; you walk,
with certainty and without fear, in the dark night,
in the wilderness, along roads most treacherous,
among those who skirt the edges of order.
Hekate, friend of women, protector of children,
you know the perils of all the worlds, goddess,
as each world is your realm to wander. Thus do you
hold safe the home, thus do you bar the door from all ill,
thus do you drive away the baneful and the false.
Hekate, compassionate goddess, I call to you.

Litany to Hekate

Good Hekate of the crossroad, you receive
due offerings where three paths meet, you watch the ways
with diligence and care, you see who passes by
and you know where they wander, where they make their homes.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Hekate who roams the moonless night, who walks
in the dark with grace and certainty, light-bearing goddess
whose torches burn bright but never burn away,
you are a lamp in the window, a beacon of hope.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Hekate who travels freely through all the worlds,
who holds a share in each, who alone is mistress
of sky, sea and sod, to all doors you hold the key,
goddess; to all destinations you know the way.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Blessed Hekate of the depths, you make your way
to the afterworld, swift of step and free of fear,
to keep company with Persephone, your dear
friend and playmate, in flowered fields or shadowed halls.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Wrathful Hekate, constant friend of the troubled,
the damaged, the frail; savior of the humble
and the helpless, of those who are wronged by the cruel
and the strong, your fury falls on all who prey on the weak.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Tender-hearted Hekate, watcher over
women, nurse of the young, who guards the threshold,
whose image once stood at every door, touched with prayerful
hands by those who passed, words of reverence on their lips.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Prayer to Hekate for Protection from Evil

Beloved Hekate, defender of the weak,
protector of those who fear the might of the wicked,
for whom each step into the dark is filled with dread,
I pray to you, I ask your favor. Hekate,
who knows well of all things we mortals most fear,
who knows well how best to drive away all ill,
I ask your blessing. Goddess, preserve my home
and my family from evil, guard us well
against all that would do us harm. Goddess, hold back
the dangers of the dark, grant me wisdom and courage
that I may face my fears and my foes with open eyes.

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