Nike I praise, provider of victory;
bright companion you are to glorious Athena,
patroness of soldiers, of artists and athletes,
of all of us who join in battle or contest,
who pray to you, O Nike, for strength and fortune,
for your great gift of success. Unsurpassed goddess,
we pray to you that our efforts be rewarded,
that our foes not triumph by trickery or guile,
that we may overcome all odds and take the day.
Though we may lose a battle, may we win the war,
may no defeat be final. O shining Nike,
friend to all who strive, I praise you and honor you.

Nike, able patroness of heroes,
clear-eyed granter of endurance and faith.
In crisp and precise plans of battle,
in swift, sudden changes of direction,
in effort rewarded, in goals achieved,
in these we feel your hand, honored Nike.
Nike, companion of great Athena,
fair one honored in distant Samothrace,
your chosen champions will ever prevail.
We thank you for help to the deserving,
for that last push toward well-earned victory.
Vibrant Nike, we praise and honor you.

Wreath-bearing Nike, spirit of victory,
attendant on great Zeus, you guide his chariot
with hand firm and steady, you stand by his throne.
Goddess of triumph, of conquest in battle,
of conquest in sport, patroness of all who strive
to be the best, who struggle toward excellence,
who seek the prize, you are the soul of contention.
Goddess of will, ally of all who are driven,
who transcend their potential by force of character
and steadfast resolve, by the persistence of effort
and the single-minded hunger for success,
goddess of the possible, I praise and honor you.

I call to Nike, daughter of wrathful Pallas
and deep-hearted Styx. Attendant on thundering Zeus,
your firm hand guides his chariot, drawn by the four winds;
with your kin you stand guard by his golden throne.
All who contend, who strive and who spar, are yours;
all who sport and play, for joy or for glory, are yours;
all who wage war, who clash and who kill, are yours.
Golden Nike, blessed goddess, we seek your favor,
to heighten our skill when it may be lacking,
to augment our might where it may be wanting,
to grant us strength of will and swiftness of step,
to steady our hand, to lead us to triumph.
Nike, bright-winged goddess, companion of grey-eyed
Athena, bringer of sweet victory, holder of
the cherished laurel, Nike, I call to you.

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