O Persephone, fair daughter of Demeter,
I praise you. Maiden you were, gathering flowers
with your dear companions; swiftly were you taken
away by great Hades, his bride and love to be,
and to rule by his side in his dark, rich kingdom.
For a season do you dwell in your husband's realm
--your mother's grief unbearable, she mourns your loss,
the world turns cold, the verdant fields grow dry and brown--
then return to your mother, to the brilliant sun,
to the renewed bounty of the earth. O goddess,
loveliest of all the jewels of the underworld,
gentle queen of the dead, I praise and honor you.

Persephone, crocus in the snow,
light and life of somber Hades' realm.
In the devotion of a mother and child,
in welcoming sorrow, in comforting grief,
in joy awakened, in sweet homecoming,
in these we know you, child of Demeter.
Persephone, queen of the underworld,
friend of those who mourn and those who are mourned,
bright jewel of the earth, fair flower of the field,
we thank you for hope, for patience, for faith,
for the longed-for return of great love.
Persephone, we praise and honor you.

Soft-stepping Persephone, surefooted you go
through thick-grown fields and slick-stoned caves, each realm your own.
Fair-haired bride of Hades, bright Helios saw you taken,
torn from the world, from your mother's arms, to the deep
unknown, to the home of the dead, to reign as queen
over all who have passed from life, from family.
Persephone, child of the green earth, who knows well
of joy and of solemnity, I pray to you.
Garlanded with flowers, enthroned in darkness,
awesome in beauty, terrifying in might,
friend and guardian of those dear ones lost to us,
goddess who one day will rule us all, I praise you.

Fair-haired Persephone, daughter of Demeter,
friend of the nymphs, merry-hearted girls who dance
barefooted and play, carefree, in grassy fields,
wreathed in bright spring flowers. The joy of life is yours,
goddess, the comfort of sun on skin, the dear bonds
of friendship, the refuge of a mother's love.
Well-crowned Persephone, bride of noble Hades,
queen of the afterworld, clothed in fine silks, adorned
with jewels, enthroned in glory, friend to those who have
passed from this world into yours, advocate of the dead
and the wronged. Kindly Persephone, womanly one,
of transformation do you know much, of the ways
of the earth do you know much; of the life
after life do you know much. Gracious goddess,
friend of mortals, I praise you and thank you for your gifts.

I praise Persephone, child of thundering Zeus
and all-nourishing Demeter, bride of Hades
who holds in hand the wealth of the deep earth.
Persephone who dances in fields of flowers
with the laughing nymphs, garlanded in brilliant blossoms;
Persephone who wears the heavy crown of queen
in Hades' dark and sumptuous realm, gracious and serene;
Persephone who with bright-haired Demeter
guides the fortunate soul to fair Elysium.
Graceful goddess whose feet sink into the fertile
soil or silently step through Hades marble halls,
Persephone who passes between the worlds,
who turns from girlish games to womanly pursuits,
blooming and ripening with the seasons. Kindly
Persephone, sweet as honey, I honor you.

Persephone, glorious goddess, fair one
with hair that flows like ripened grain, eyes that catch
the clear blue sky, a smile sweet yet shadowed,
O light-footed one who dances in flowered fields,
I praise you. Persephone, lovely one who knows
the feel of sun on skin, who knows as well the press
of cold stone against warm flesh, in the world
of the living, no maid is so alive as you.
In the world of the dead, Persephone, you reign
as queen, crowned with riches unsurpassed, enthroned
in splendor, honored above all others. Goddess,
child of the earth, bride of the darkness, I honor you.

I call to Persephone, fair child of Demeter
and thundering Zeus, springtime-loving goddess,
light-footed goddess, in fields of flowers you dance;
the lovely nymphs are your dearest companions.
Beloved bride of noble Hades, gracious mistress
of the deep underworld, of such stark beauty
and tranquil majesty, queen of ghosts, advocate
of the dead. Always beauty surrounds you, goddess,
whether with your feet amidst the brightest blossoms,
the light of ever-watchful Helios bright against
your unbound hair as you roam the green meadows,
or enthroned in splendor beneath the earth
among the brilliant stones, the gold and silver
that were your bride-gift. Blessed Persephone,
who knows much of life and much of death, I call to you.

Litany to Persephone

Persephone of the new blossoms, companion
of the laughing nymphs, with whom you dance in flowered
fields, with whom you play at merry games. Goddess,
slim-ankled maid, fair and sweet as new spring blossoms,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Persephone, bearer of golden sheaves, bearer
of the fruit of the tree, corn-maiden who dwells
beneath the earth, who rises with the pale green shoots
each spring. Child of Demeter whose gifts are great,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Fair-haired Persephone, bride of noble Hades,
queen of the underworld, mindfully you tasted
the seed of the pomegranate, with love and care
you chose to bear that heavy crown. Persephone,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Good Persephone who makes welcome the dead
in the golden halls of Hades, kind-hearted one
whose grace it is that comforts those who have passed
from our world into your dark and distant realm,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Persephone, merciful maiden of the Mysteries,
friend of the happy dead who travel first to fair
Eleusis, who travel last to distant Elysion.
Rich-robed Persephone of ancient might, goddess,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

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