Boreas, god of the North Wind, god of the cold,
bitter breath of winter, purple-winged herald
of snow and black ice, your beard tipped with frost,
we know you in the unmatched beauty of your realm.
Most needful one, in your season we honor you.

Zephyros, god of the West Wind, god of the seedtime,
husband of the greening fields, father of the fruited
trees, mild one, kind one, fortunate one, companion
of Eros, within your domain does love unfold.
Most needful one, in your season we honor you.

Notos, god of the South Wind, god of summer storms,
god of the soul-searing heat, of the drenching rains
and the pale, parched soil. Foe of the farmer, taker
of the wealth of the earth, destroyer of crops:
most needful one, in your season we honor you.

Euros, god of the East Wind, god of the blood-red
leaves, the golden blades of grass, by the palace
of the sun you dwell. Change is in you, O Euros;
change in the world is yours, O capricious one.
Most needful one, in your season we honor you.

Prayer to Boreas for a Safe Winter

I pray to Boreas, god of the shrill north wind,
god of the winter; from your glacial halls
in the heights of Thrace you come to us each year,
bringing the bitter chill, the knife-sharp sleet,
the shivering cold, the blinding white skies.
Father of slim-ankled Khione, maid of the snows
whose hand it is that frosts the tender grasses,
I call to you. O Boreas of the violet wings,
grant to us a season mild and free of harm,
bringer of the gales of winter; grant to us
a season safe. Ward us as we walk the black ice,
keep us from the storm, O Boreas, I pray to you.

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