Zeus, mightiest of those who walk Olympus' halls,
none can long deny your will, you who rules the gods
themselves. You send the storms, the sharp claps of thunder,
the bright bolts of lightning that strike at your command.
Great Zeus, who we call on as defender, who we
pray to for victory, whose honors are the highest;
Zeus of many festivals; Zeus of many names;
kindly Zeus, Zeus the provider, guardian of guests,
protector of children; Zeus the all-powerful,
mate to stately Hera, father of gods and men;
Zeus by whom oaths are sworn; Zeus the wise and the just;
Father Zeus, I honor you and ask your blessing.

Zeus, greatest among Olympos' mighty,
father of many, gods and men, you are.
In the soft distant rumble of thunder,
clouds growing heavy, deep darkening skies,
torrents of rain, flashes of bright lightning,
in these we see your hand, most honored one.
Father Zeus, storm-bringer, kind provider,
all-powerful ruler of the heavens,
guardian of children and travellers,
we thank you for rain upon fruit and field,
for protection and for victory.
O peerless Zeus, we praise and honor you.

Father Zeus, holder of lightning, master of storms,
ruler of fair Olympos and all who there dwell.
All is within your power, all bow to your will,
great Zeus who hears all oaths, who sees justice done,
who watches over all with benevolent gaze,
whose blessings are great; awesome Zeus, I honor you.
Guardian of our homes, protector of our children,
kind Zeus, I pray to you. Guide me to be just,
to act with honor, to keep my promises,
to welcome guests freely, to do what is right.
Watch over our home and bring to it abundance,
O Zeus; watch over our children, shield them from harm.

Mighty Zeus, Father Zeus, friend of the traveler,
friend of the stranger, friend of the householder.
Wielder of lightning, driver of storms, master
of the hard-flung rains that bring life to the earth.
Of brothers three the youngest, your father's might
you overthrew with cunning wit, his throne you took,
his world you made your own. Kindly Zeus, watchful Zeus,
your wrath falls on the oathbreaker, the wrongdoer,
the one without honor who preys on his fellows;
likewise, your blessings are on the one who does right,
whose word is good, whose hand is open, whose welcome
is warm, whose integrity is a certainty.
Great Zeus, father of gods, lord of fair Olympos,
wise one, contriving one, maintainer of order,
from the deep earth you rose, in the bright sky you reign.
Zeus of many names, friend of the Fates, I praise you!

Father Zeus, defender of cities, defender
of homes, defender of the traveler, of those
far from home, of those who rely on the refuge
of civilization; kindly Zeus who watches
the world, friend of the fates, giver of good fortune,
by your good will are our larders full, our children
strong, our minds and bodies sound and vital; Zeus,
from whom all good derives, whose gifts are sought by all,
who knows our troubles and our joys, who hears our calls,
who answers them with wisdom and with care; oh Zeus,
whose wrath falls on the wrong-doer, whose blessings
come to those who are fair-minded and good of heart,
who stands behind the guest and the stranger, I praise you!

Zeus of the lightning-strike, Zeus of the sturdy oak,
we hear you in the clash of thunder, we see you
in the bright-lit night, we feel you in the air,
in the exhilaration of the storm. I praise you,
O god whose will it is that the clouds gather low
in the sky, whose gift of rain pulls life from the earth.

Great Zeus, friend of those who wander the world,
of those who are ever again among strangers,
friend of those who rely on the honor and virtue
of others, I praise you, O god of the righteous
whose wrath falls on those who prey on the exile
and the outcast, the recluse and the solitary.

Zeus of the prophets, Zeus of many oracles,
kindly one whose words we hear in silent voices
or see in the throw of the bones, whose messages
we know by their truth alone. I praise you,
O god who is the source of all visions and signs,
of all that is foretold by mortal seekers and seers.

I call to great Zeus, father of the deathless gods,
ruler of bright Olympos, master of storms,
child of mighty Kronos and deep-hearted Rhea,
consort of blessed Hera of the splendid eyes.
Ancient Zeus, honored in Crete so long ago
and well known in high-reaching Arcadia,
all-knowing Zeus of Dodona and Didyma
whose wisdom was granted to seekers of old,
Zeus of the broad sky, Zeus of the marketplace,
Zeus of the householder, Zeus of the city.
Protector of the just, avenger of the wronged,
friend of the stranger and of the traveler,
friend of the guest and the generous host.
Zeus whose eye is ever on the world, whose hand
is ever in our lives, great Zeus, I call to you.

Litany to Zeus

Zeus unparalleled, king of the deathless gods,
who strides the halls of Olympos, who sits enthroned,
greatest among the mighty one Zeus of the strong will
and the swift strike whose firm hand guides the path of men,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Lightning-wielding Zeus, master of the sudden storm,
at whose whim the winds rise up, the warm spring showers,
the earth receives your gift and becomes fruitful.
Zeus of the thunderbolt, Zeus the rain-giver,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Far-seeing Zeus, friend of the Fates, whose words were shared
with men at Dodona and at Didyma, and
at shrines throughout the world. Zeus who hands each one
their lot, author of chance, father of fortune,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Kindly Zeus, who hears the voices of the troubled,
the entreaties of the poor and the desolate,
gracious Zeus who receives the offerings of all,
who approach, merciful Zeus whose wrath may be appeased:
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Benevolent Zeus, protector of the traveler,
defender of the stranger, whose righteous wrath falls
on those who prey upon the lost and the alone,
whose favor falls on the good and generous host:
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Honorable Zeus who supports the works of men,
who guards the larder of the householder,
who watches over home and family, town and nation,
who upholds the speech of the assembled crowd,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Zeus of the law, Zeus of the righteous, Zeus of the just,
of courts and of councils, advisor of kings,
who guides the work of the lawmaker, of the judge,
of those who bring peace and order to the land,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Zeus, to whom the oath is sacred above all things,
who hears each vow we make and holds us to our word,
whose anger falls on those who break those bonds,
who rewards the upright and the honorable:
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Zeus the vengeful, whose fiery bolt comes down upon
the evil-doer, friend of the weak, friend of the wronged,
scourge of the villain, the scoundrel, the brute and the fiend,
Zeus who punishes the guilty as they deserve
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Zeus who keeps away all ill, who wards off the harmful,
the baneful, the base; Zeus whose goodness and might
preserve the city, hold safe the home, bar the gates
against any foe, keep sorrow and woe at bay:
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Prayer to Zeus for Safety from the Storm

Glorious Zeus, king of the starry heavens, master
of the thunderstorm, swift-striking hurler
of firebolt and hailstone, we know your might well,
in torrents of rain, in winds that tear a man
from mother Gaia's embrace. The summer showers
are yours, O Zeus, that bring the earth to life each year;
yours too is the windstorm, the cyclone, the typhoon.
Each season's storms, O Zeus, that bear the names
of women and men, are yours to guide; your hand
it is that brings winged death to one house
while its neighbor stands untouched. I pray to you,
O god of the lightning, god of the wild winds,
grant to us your blessing, grant to us your favor,
grant to us your good will. O kind-hearted Zeus,
I pray to you, keep from us the terror of the storm.

Prayer to Zeus to Find Work

Father Zeus, whose wisdom and firm hand maintain
the realm of the gods and the province of men,
Zeus of the agora, Zeus of the ordered world,
Zeus who rewards those who uphold community,
I pray to you, help me as I seek honest labor,
as I strive to protect my home and feed my family,
to trade my time and effort for fair return.
Zeus Ktesios, Zeus of the household, Zeus of the larder,
kind one, giver of wealth, provider of plenty,
protector of the home and all that lies within,
I pray to you, be my advocate as I search,
stand behind me as I face the marketplace,
guide me to steady work where my skills are needed,
where the wage is fit, where I can contribute
to the good. Zeus, granter of boons, I pray to you.

Prayer to Zeus for Protection Among Strangers

Great Zeus, Father Zeus, master of Olympos,
bearer of the thunderbolt whose might it is
that draws together the darkening clouds,
well-honored one, kind-hearted god to whom we turn
when we are far from home and family, I call to you.
Zeus, I am alone; I stand in the sphere of strangers.
Friend of the foreigner, friend of the visitor,
friend of those who must rely on the good will
of those unknown, the kindness of the host
to the outsider, I pray to you, lead me
to a place of welcome, bring me safely home again.

Brief Prayer to Zeus

Father Zeus, protector of the weak,
help me to be strong against my fears.

Father Zeus, protector of the wronged,
help me to do right by all I meet.

Father Zeus, protector of the home,
help me to safeguard those within my walls.

Father Zeus, help me to do what I must,
be with me as I walk in the world.

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