Jake Is Miserable After SurgeryJake's Right Knee After Surgery



My Service Dog Jake was injured by a nurse from Western Wisconsin Cares and They DON'T CARE!!!



My name is Gwyn C. Anderson; I had the misfortune to have been born with a rare disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and am in the beginning of the severe stage.  I need my Mobility Service Dog.

A nurse from Western Wisconsin Cares, permanently injured my Service Dog.

First:  The nurse was given notice and request not to let my Service Dog run, PRIOR to making him run, KNOWING IT WOULD INJURE MY SERVICE DOG. This is in direct violation of the Wisconsin Service Dog Interference and Harassment Law, Wisconsin Act 353 and 354.

Second:  The nurse showed and demonstrated complete medical understanding and knowledge of my Service Dogs condition.  the nurse knew her actions would injure my Service Dog BEFORE she did it.  This action was PRE-MEDITATED. 

Third:  The nurse from Western Wisconsin Cares should have NEVER had ANY interaction with my Service Dog what so ever.

Fourth:  The nurse knew I required my Mobility Service Dog in order to STAY LIVING ON MY OWN AND INDEPENDENTLY.  This action INJURES ME.

Jake now has 30% permanent damage and the start of severe arthritis to his leg, from this action.  He can no long perform his Service Dog duties for me, since I require any Service Dog that I have to have the ability for me to put my body weight on it.  He has now had 2 surgeries to correct as much as possible and to try to save his leg.  These are in addition to the suffering and the years they have shortened from his life.  I get to watch a beautiful yellow lab suffer and die before his time now that the nurse from Western Wisconsin Cares has permanently injured him.  My Service Dog Jake and I had worked like a well-oiled team.  Jake is my best friend and it kills me inside to watch him limp every day.

I have had an intolerable increase of pain and strain on my body including more falls, pain medication, stress and turmoil due to losing use of my Service Dog Jake.

Western Wisconsin Cares is trying to not take any liability at all.  I have no Service Dog.  No vet bills have been paid, except for what I could borrow, raise, save or earn money for myself.

At a minimum my Service Dog should have been replaced and all of the vet bill should have been covered without question.  By law this and more should have been done.

According to Wisconsin State Statute 951.097(3)(a/b) and the Service Animals 2005 Wisconsin Acts 353 and 354 (Wisconsin Service Dog Interference and Harassment Law).  The nurse and Western Wisconsin Cares are liable for everything no matter what.

According to these laws, whether the act was intentional or accidental they are still liable.  The LAW is on Jake's side and mine.

WHY WILL NO ONE ENFORCE THE LAW???  WHY ARE WESTERN WISCONSIN CARES AND THE NURSE ABOVE THE LAW???  They actually broke a criminal law and no one is willing to enforce it.

What good are these laws if no one is going to enforce them?  I have tried, I have gone to everyone I could.  Absolutely no one wants to enforce these laws and help us.  From what I can see, Western Wisconsin Cares personnel can do whatever they want to disabled people because we cannot afford $150.00 an hour for a lawyer, so we get screwed.  Or what do you do when the vet bills are running up to $10,000.00 and a replacement Service Dog costs $30,000.00?  This does not include medications my existing Service Dog will require the rest of his life, his retraining or any of the things I have personally needed.

I find it completely ironic that The Service Dog Interference and Harassment Law (Wisconsin Acts 353 and 354) are also known as "Casey's law" was written and put into law because another disabled person had her Service Dog attacked and had no recourse.  I have this law, but I have NO ONE who will enforce it....  So what good does it do????  Do all government employees really get to do whatever they want to whomever they want???  Now this includes injuring Service Animals, what's next, murder?

It was bluntly explained to me that a civil case is a dispute and a criminal case is any time a law is broken.  The Wisconsin Service Dog Interference and Harassment Law (Wisconsin Act 353 and 354) has been broken.  This is a LAW.  It has been broken.  It needs to be enforced.

Also just for good measure, please keep in mind that criminal property damage is a law.  Service Dogs are property.  There are two (2) laws that are NOT being enforced and NEED TO BE.

Everyone talks about cruelty to animals, but where are the people who actually do something about it?

Doesn't anyone care anymore???  If you do, please help in any way.  Jake and I need you.


Gwyn C Anderson  



This was how Jake was before he was injured.  The epitome of a happy dog!!!  Now he's not...

Jake is trained to help me with pool therapy.  I may never get physical therapy again....

Jake will NEVER play like this again....  

 Jake How Happy He Used To Be....



WI STATE STATUTE 951.097(3)(a/b)