Estelle de la Mer

14th C Serbian
May 2014
14th C Serbian
14th C Italian
March 2014
14th C Italian
Willow for a Stained Glass worker
March 2014
Willow for a Stained Glass Worker
January 2014
16th C English Grant
November 2013
14th C French
14th C German
September 2013
German 1300s
16th C Trompe-le'oeil
September 2013
Floral Trompe-le'oeil
Early 15th C Pen Flourished
June 2013
Early 15th C Pen Flourishing
14th C French Puzzle letter
April 2013
French 1300s
French c.1475
Mar 2013
French 1475
In Progress
Feb 2013
Collette du Valois' first sight of her Royal Vanguard Scroll.
English c.1470
Jan 2013
English 1470
Court Baroncy Scroll
Sept 2012
French 1380
Silver Oak
Sept 2012
Italian 1492
Master Zygmunt's Laurel scroll
Feb 2011
Polish 1535
Polish Evergreen
Feb 2010
Polish 1506
Nov 2009
Spanish Hebrew c.1300
Sept 2009
Matched Pair of Italian White Vine Baroncy Scrolls
June 2009
1500s Flemish Miniature
Penwork letter A
Feb 2009
French 13th C
Penwork Letter P
Feb 2009
English 15th C
June 2008
Arabic Style Scroll
Dragon's Heart
Feb 2008
French 1407
Inhabited Letter P
Jan 2008
Bar and "Ivy", with Flemish figure
Sep 2007
Celtic Book of Kells scroll
Recreation of a damaged scroll
Jun 2006
Recreation of a damaged scroll, Humanist Hand
Letter P
Sept 2007
French 1357
Letter P
Jun 2005
French 1357
May 2005
May 2005
French 1356

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