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Helping Parents to raise independent learners for the Body of Christ

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Our Mission

Helping Hands Enrichment is dedicated to helping parents educate their children for the Lord.  We as parents are commanded in Deuteronomy 6 to teach God's commandments to our children.  Psalms 78:3 tells children to "Listen to your father's instruction and do not forsake your mother's teaching."  As Christian parents strive to obey the commands of our Lord, sometimes they need a hand.   Helping Hands Enrichment is here to provide that hand.  

Our Philosophy:

Education is the training ground for successful adult life.  The person who loves to learn and is confident in his ability to learn can grow to be the servant the Lord wants him to be.  He will be looking to the Lord for direction not looking to others for approval.  We want to help parents raise an independent learner who strives to fulfill the purpose the Lord has for his life. 

Contact Info:

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