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Middle School and High school

The Upper level program will offer classes that will provide instruction to complete an entire 4-year high school course of study.  Classes will also be available to those in grades 6-8 though some on a limited basis.  Classes that are not available to middle school students will be indicated on the class list.  A student may participate in 1 or more of the classes.  Classes meet one day week for 45 minutes, with the exception of Math classes which last 90 minutes.  Occasionally special projects, difficult material, or field trips will merit an additional period of instruction.  This will be arranged by the teacher and information sent home with the students.  It will also go out on email.  Students work at home under the supervision of their parents the remaining 4 days. 

            Each student along with parents, will meet with the teacher at the beginning of each semester to set goals for each class.  These goals will include academic achievement as well as personal growth and study skill development.  Each student will meet with the teacher at the end of the first month and first quarter to evaluate progress.  Parents are welcome at this meeting but not required.  At the end of each semester (Jan & May) the parent, teacher, and student will meet to discuss progress, and goals for the next semester.

            Grades will be given each semester.  The grade will be ½ credit unless otherwise specified.  If the student has not satisfactorily completed the work required for ½ credit an incomplete will be given.  Since it is the goal of Helping Hands Enrichment to develop independent learners we realize that occasionally students will fall behind.  We also know that part of being an independent learner is meeting deadlines.  At the goal conference, the parent, student and teacher will set a time limit to complete the work.  If the work is not satisfactorily completed at that time, another meeting will be called to evaluate whether the statement should remain in the program.

            Occasionally students will progress faster than the goals they have set.  In most situations, advanced work will be available to earn either “Honors” as part of the course title or an additional ½ credit in a course such as Biology 2.

            Students will complete an assignment sheet weekly.  This assignment sheet will be approved by the teacher and sent home.  This will guide the students as they complete their work at home.  Specifics on assignments and requirements will vary from class to class.  While working at home students will fill out a work-completed form.  This will provide the student with a record of what s/he completed daily as well as a way to monitor his/her time.  It also provides a portfolio for college entrance and or job searching.  It is also a valuable tool for parents and teachers to use in assisting a struggling student. 

  Home schedule