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Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Advanced Math, Calculus

How can one teacher teach all those levels at once?

This idea is one that has developed from years of listening to students and watching how they learn as well as attendance at several seminars with Saxon Math publishers.  Saxon is designed for the teacher to teach no more than 10 minutes.  The students learn from the material and examples presented in the text and use the teacher as a resource.  Students have reinforced this idea for years with comments like: “I just go home and read the book.  I like to ask questions in class.” 

Class time will be devoted to problem solving with word problems form a variety of sources outside of Saxon.  This will provide students to exposure to a variety of types of word problems written in different ways.  Occasionally there will be group projects that students in one or more of the books will complete together.  We will also work on problems together that seem to challenge a large group of the students based on the homework errors and finally individual questions. 

Assignments will be made, tests will be given weekly.  Students will bring home their test and complete it.  Parents should initial it showing they know it was completed.  Students should NOT use their book on tests or have parents help.  All the students’ work MUST be shown and turned in with the test.

            Students who need additional assistance may sign up for private 30 minutes sessions with the teacher.  Each student may have 2 of these per month at no additional fee after that the charge will be $10 per session.

How can I decide what level my child should take?

You can go to the Saxon website and have your student take the placement test.  If they test ready for Algebra 1/2 or above this class is for them.  We will cover Pre-Algebra - Calculus this year using Saxon books. 


            Appropriate text  (Saxon Alg ˝, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Advanced Math, Calculus) in the current edition if possible.  (The first edition of Alg ˝ is unacceptable.)

Advanced Math and Calculus must have the solutions manual

Scientific calculator (Texas Instrument is preferred, graphing is not necessary but helpful in Advanced math and above)




Fee: $20 per month, $90 per semester if paid by the first class.  Or see fee breakdown for families

Age: any student that is prepared to take Pre-Algebra or above according to the Saxon placement test.

size limit: 12 students

to enroll: fill out the online registration form or email or call 865-681-0425.

enrollment deadline: Dec. 31 a late enrollment fee of $10 applies after that time

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