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Study Skills

Good, Better, Best,

Never shall you rest 

Till you've made you r good, better

and your better, best.

Learning on Purpose will be the focus of this terrific class.  "Learning on Purpose'" requires more awareness than just letting learning happen.  sometimes, we seen to learn automatically, accidentally, or easily.  we just read, listen, or watch and like magic, new ideas go into our heads.  your brain just does its work on its own.  Most of the time you are not aware of what your brain is doing or of how it is working.  this class will help you realize what to do when that is not what happens.  We will work out your strengths, your opinion of yourself, your goals.  We will move on to Why the subject matter is important, activities that promote learning, test taking, papers, speeches and projects.  Then on to study conditions, tools and resources, effective time use, Study environment, the people who help you and lastly on to study methods, study terms, study skills, mental management, school skills.  by the end of this course your grades will improve and you will be better prepared to concur high school.


Materials: Learning on Purpose from Critical Thinking Press $35 but a discount is available from the teacher

Fee:$10 month, $45 per semester if paid by the first class or see fee schedule for families.

Size: 12 students

Age requirement: any 6th - 12th grade but focused on 9-12

To enroll: fill out the online form or email or call 865-681-0425

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