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Bible Classes 2004

Manners Made Easy

This interesting course covers rules of etiquette from introductions to Thank you cards, setting the table and more.  it includes a brief Bible study that shows what the Bible  says about the issue and short quizzes.  Actually designed for younger students than material is relevant to all ages as we can all use a refresher course on how we are to behave.  

This will be a fun easy course.  


Fee: $10 per month or $45 per semester  

Age: open to any 4th - 12 grade  

Size limit: 12 students


        -Manners Made Easy student Journal available  from Lifeway Christian Stores.  $9.99,

        - Bible


To Enroll fill out the online enrollment form or email or call 865-982-9749

Enrollment Deadline: Dec. 31

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