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Helping Hands Enrichment offers several different programs to meet the needs of a variety of home schooling families.  Our 6th - 12th grade program  is designed to assist parents in educating their upper level students with the difficult material.  This program offers a wide variety of classes that will, over the course of 4 years, complete the material needed to graduate from high school in the state of Tennessee.  For a complete list of classes and details on the day to day operation of Helping Hands Enrichment click on the link below.


Classical Kids is a program designed for students age 4 through 2nd grade.  This program will allow students to experience the life of a classroom while still having mom and dad as primary teachers in their young lives.  We will follow a classical approach to learning.  We will cover math, science, history, thinking skills, and more.  While we will read many great books and do activities with them, we will not teach the children to read.  As parents there are some great milestones in our children's lives, walking, first words, first hair cut, and learning to read.  We at Classical Kids do not want to steal the joy from parents of hearing their little one read their first book.  We can recommend some good approaches, assist with difficulties along the way, but the joy of teaching your child to read belongs to you and we do not wish to steal it from you.   For more information and a complete list of classes and materials, click the link below.

Strictly enrichment is a program that will offer occasional classes and field trips for those involved in classes and others as well.  For a list of what is currently scheduled click the link  below.

Home Strictly enrichment Classical kids Middle and high school