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Fees for individual classes are listed on the class page.  For students taking more than one class the following schedule applies:

One class: fee as listed on class page

Two classes: a $5 discount can be taken on the second class if paying by the semester.  Monthly fee would remain the same.  For example, if a student were to take Math and Science, both $10 per month or $35 for the session.  The student would pay $35 for Math and only $30 for Science IF fees were paid at the beginning of the session.  If the monthly option was taken the fee would be $20 per month.

Three or more classes: fees not to exceed $85 per session for the first child.

Multiple child discount: a second child in the same family receives a 25% discount on fees paid either monthly or per semester not to exceed $66 per semester

Third child from the same family in the same class receives a 50% discount on fees paid either monthly or per session not to exceed $42 per semester.

Fourth child would receive a 75% discount on fees paid either monthly or per semester not to exceed $25 per semester. 

If this is all confusing, call me and ask what the fee would be.  I don't mind a bit to help you figure out the complicated fees.  I do want to make this as affordable as possible for those with several children.  Unfortunately, my husband won't let me work for free.  He says a workman is worthy of pay. 

Scholarships available. call for details.

Extended lesson plans: $13 per session or $1 per week, per class.