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This will be a fun project based class.  We will complete many projects culminating with a geography/history fair in May.  This class will be 1 high school credit in geography.  The main text will be Trail Guide to World Geography by Wiggers.  There is no required text for this class but several resources will be helpful including an almanac, like Facts Plus, and an atlas like Answer Atlas. 

 If you are interested in purchasing these they can be ordered with the teachers order to be placed on Dec 31.  The cost is: Facts Plus $13.50, Atlas $7.95.  To share the shipping the money must be to the teacher by Dec.31.  if you would like to pay with a credit card you can do so at at

Fee: $10 month or $45 per semester if paid by the first class or see family fee schedule. $25 supply fee ( one time for the year)

Age: 4th-12th grade

Class size: limit 12

 To Enroll: fill out the online registration form or email or call 865-681-0425

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