Helping Hands Enrichment

Helping parents to raise independent learners for the Body of Christ

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Helping Hands enrichment is developing through the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Jodie Moore, the founder, knew at a very early age that teaching was her passion.  She attended a small Christian high school, which used the ACE curriculum.  That is where the basis of independent learning began. 

Through High school she enjoyed working with the younger students.  She began teaching Sunday School at the age of 16.  Upon graduation from High school she attended the University of Toledo in the college of education.  Graduating with honors, she began teaching in the Toledo City Schools. Her first year was spent in a large variety of classrooms as a substitute.  The second year she spent the first semester teaching in the gifted program and the second semester in a Learning Disabled classroom with intermediate (4-6 grade) students.  Both positions furthered her experience with independent learning.  The third year brought her a long –term position in an inner-city 6th grade classroom.  With 30-35 students per year over the next 4 years, experience with individualized instruction and developing independent learners became a focus. 

Just prior to the start of her 5th year in that position Jodie was offered a position at the high school where she had graduated.  After much prayer Jodie accepted the position as sole teacher for 20 high school level students using the ACE curriculum.  Again she was able to see the strengths of learning independently but also became keenly aware of the weaknesses.  Students needed to know how to learn from more than just small amounts of written material. 

After spending the next 5 years assisting in the development of a high school program, Jodie moved to Tennessee and began home schooling.  She had seen the weaknesses of home schooling as many parents that had not been successful put their children in the private school.  She was going to spend the last half of that year home schooling her own two children just to spend some time as a family and to find a good Christian school.  That was over 8 years ago.  Still home schooling 8 years later, after seeing many home schooling families both in co-op classes, in workshops, on field trips, just in social settings, gaining experience teaching co-op style classes, and much research, Helping hands Enrichment has begun.  Helping hands Enrichment is a work in progress.  With the help of the Lord and parents it will develop to assist many families with the God given leading to educate their children.