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Classical Kids

enrichment for 4yr olds - 2nd grade

Day to day Operation

Classical Kids is meant to enrich the homeschooling experience for both the parent and the child.  Often it is helpful for the young child to be in a setting where they have to with their turn, raise their hand, cooperate with a group, and even be away from mom for a little while.  We want to meet these needs and more.

Classical Kids will meet one day a week for three hours.  Students may come for one small part or stay all three hours.  Parents may stay and help, visit with other parents, or leave and run errands, go for a walk or enjoy time alone.  a schedule will be set up so that at least one other adult is with us in class at all times.  

Lesson plans for the week are available if you would like to continue the kind of learning that takes place in class.  There will be a small charge for this service. 


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