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In Bible for Classical Kids we will work on building character traits.  We will work on projects from Plants Grown Up and Polished Cornerstones.  Both of these resources are published by Doorposts.  Plants Grown-up is focused on boys and Polished Cornerstones is focused on girls.  Many of the character traits are the same or similar.  In class we will work on a memory verse that goes along with the trait being studied.  Students will be encouraged to work on that verse throughout the week and repeat it the following week.  A project will be completed in class.  We may read a Bible story, do an art project, act out a short play, or do other related activities.  Projects for the students to work on through the week will be available for a small fee if the parent is interested.

Fee: $5 per month or $15 for the 13 week session or see the full day option

Supplies: A Bible, I prefer the NIV but you can use any version that fits your family.

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