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Biology, Chemistry, Biology 2

These classes are being offered this year on an individual basis.  If you would like to join, contact the instructor for information


(not appropriate for those not yet in high school.  Eighth grade students may take Biology 1)(Chemistry must have at least completed Alg1)

            The focus of class time will be on lab work.  Colleges want students to have at least one hands-on lab course.  This program will meet that requirement.  All experiments in a given course will be completed. * Additional experiments using more sophisticated materials will be provided occasionally. 

            Each student will complete a science fair project in February in his/her area of study.  Extra Credit will be given to those that compete in the SMHEA science fair. 

            Biology students will complete a nature journal assignment on a monthly basis.  All students will complete a research paper on a scientist of choice in the area of study. 

            Students will be responsible to read the material in the text and complete the On Your Own questions.  These will not be graded but will be given a score of 5 if complete on time, 4 if one week late, 3 if two weeks late etc.  The end of chapter material will be completed and turned in for a grade.  The chapter test will be sent home.  Students should complete the test without their book.  Parent should initial the test and return it to the teacher.  If the test is late it will receive –10 points.  If it is 2 weeks late a parent will be notified by email.  Parents will be asked to sign and return any tests that receive lower than an 80%. 

            During lab time the teacher will be available to assist with the lab or answer any difficult questions regarding text work.  Students may work with a partner on labs but each student will be required to write up their own lab report.  A guide to lab reports will be given on the first day of class.

            Since more than one “class” is using the lab at the same time, students will practice their independence by following instructions to complete the experiment. 

Students who need additional assistance may sign up for private 30 minutes sessions with the teacher.  Each student may have 2 of these per month at no additional fee after that the charge will be $10 per session.

Materials: Exploring Creation with Biology for Biology 1(text only)

               Exploring Creation with Chemistry for Chemistry 1(text only)

              The Human Body: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made for Biology 2 (text only)

The teacher will place one order for these textbooks from Rainbow Resources on July 31.  this will allow us to share the shipping.  to take part in this you must have the money for the textbooks to the teacher by July 31.  If you wish to pay with a credit card you can do so through sending funds to  The cost of the books are as follows: Biology 1 51.95, Chemistry $46.95, Biology 2 $51.95

Fee: $20 per month or $90 for the semester if paid by the first class or see the family fee schedule plus a $50 supply fee, sorry no second child discounts on the supply fee. 

Age: 9th - 12th grade, an 8th grade student may take Biology 1

Class size: 12 students maximum

To Enroll: Fill out the online registration form or email hmschlmomof3 or call 865-982-9749

Enrollment Deadline: July 31 after that a $10 late fee will be charged

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