Helping Hands Enrichment

Helping Parents to raise independent learners for the Body of Christ

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Grading Scale

Parents Requirements



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Behavior policy

Students will be held to a high standard of conduct.  We are established on Christian beliefs and will strive to reach the high standards set for us in the Bible.  The Lord tells us in Galatians 5:22 that the fruits of the Spirit are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, and Self-control. 

            Love requires respect for others and property.

            Joy requires doing what we are asked without                 complaining.

            Peace requires being content with our circumstances.

            Patience requires forgiving others mistakes and honoring             others before us.

            Kindness requires caring for others and their feelings.

    Goodness requires doing what is right.

    Faithfulness requires diligence.

   Gentleness requires soft words and actions.

            Self-control requires doing what is required even when              we donít want to.

If we strive to live by these guidelines we will develop into the men and women that God wants us to be.  That is the goal of Helping Hands Enrichment.

No one is perfect and all will trip sometimes.  If a student should need to be removed from the class for any reason, the parent will be called to come and pick upon the student immediately.  A behavior form will be filled out and sent home.  Both parents will need to sign this form and give a brief explanation of consequences at home.  If a student receives two reports in a semester from one class they will need to meet with parents and the teacher to discuss their continuance in the class.  A total of three reports and the student must remain at home until the next semester.  At that time the student, parent and teacher will meet to discuss his/her return.

            Occasionally a student will go above and beyond.  In situations where a student displays great character a letter of commendation will be given to the student and can be added to his/her portfolio.


Dress code

Modest dress is required at all times.  We as Christians must hold ourselves to a very high standard.  While we all have our own standards we must be willing to meet the expectations of those placed on us by those in authority over us.  This might be a uniform dictated by our employer or just a picky boss.  It is good training to meet requirements in dress.  At Academy of Biblical Independent Learning the dress requirements are:

            No halter-tops

            Shirts and pants must meet in the middle.

            Skirts and shorts must be as long as the longest finger             when arms at are the sides.

            Piercings must be limited to ears for girls and none for             guys.

            Any writing on clothing must be limited to clearly             Christian material.

            Undergarments must be worn and not seen.


Grading Scale

93-100    A

86-92 B

79-85 C

70-78 D

69- F


Parent Requirements:

Parents must be legally registered to home school in the state of Tennessee.  Helping Hands enrichment is to assist not replace the parent as primary teacher.

            Parents must follow-up on all work at home.  They must also attend goal meetings in the beginning of the year and at the mid point.  Parents may attend class any time with their students.  Parents may also contact the teacher with questions or concerns.  Communication is of the utmost importance to the success of the students.


Students who will be on vacation need to notify the teacher at least two weeks in advance to get work early.  Students who are ill or are otherwise not able to attend class should contact the teacher for assignments.  Missing class will cause the student to fall behind and is an added burden to the student as well as the teacher.  Please make every effort to be in class.

Promptness is also important.  An independent learner will value time enough to be on time.  If a student is tardy to class twice the parent will be notified.  If the problem continues a meeting will be required. 


Lunch must be brought from home.  Use of the kitchen is available but the student MUST clean his or her own mess.  No food is provided and fast food is too far away.


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