The J. M. Kennedy Files:


The following files are copies of newspaper articles written by Mr. J.M. Kennedy. This weekly series, published in the Jasper County News, began January 3, 1957 and abruptly ended on September 5, 1957. The title of this admirable body of work, History of Jasper County, speaks for itself. I have not been successful in learning any life details of Mr. Kennedy, but it is very clear that he was learned and passionate educator. Contained in the later articles, beginning with the June 26th, 1957 publication, he mentions holding the position of Jasper County Superintendent of Education from 1932 through 1940. Deeper in the articles, we learn that he was educated in the earliest schools of Jasper County and later attended Milsaps College.We certainly owe him our gratitude for bringing together such a rich collection of local history. Each of these links will present a reproduction of a newspaper page that was published on the selected date. Great thanks go to a cousin (B.E.) for his efforts in obtaining copies of the articles and for permission from the Jasper County News to post them here. As far as I know, this is a first, and I feel honored.  Here is a hint: The articles will appear small and unreadable. Right click each of them and save them to your desktop. From there you can enlarge them to a readable size. If you have problems, feel free to e-mail me.  - KEW


Article:          Publish Date:               General Subject:

1                              1/3/57                                     Introduction

2                              1/10/57                                   Early Settlers

3                              1/17/07                                  Early Settlers

4                              1/24/57                                   Early Settlers

5                              1/31/57                                   Indians

6                              2/7/57                                     Indians

7                              2/14/57                                   Early Settlements

8                              2/21/57                                   Early Newspapers

9                              2/28/57                                   Early Post Offices

10                            3/7/57                                     Early Development

11                            3/14/57                                   Slavery

12                            3/21/57                                   Post War

13                            3/28/57                                   Civil War

14                            4/4/57                                     Civil War

15                            4/11/57                                   Civil War

16                            4/18/57                                   Civil War

17                            4/25/57                                   Misc. History

18                            5/2/57                                     Paulding

19                            5/9/57                                     Jasper Towns

20                            5/16/57                                   Misc. History

21                            5/23/57                                   Misc. History

22                            5/30/57                                   Schools

23                            6/6/57                                     Railroads

24                            6/13/57                                   Early Churches

25                            6/20/57                                   Early Politicians

26                            6/27/57                                   Schools

27                            7/4/57                                     Misc. History

28                            7/11/57                                   Consolidated Schools

29                            7/18/57                                   School Reports

30                            7/25/57                                   Jasper Centennial

31                            8/1/57                                     Misc. History

32                            8/8/57                                     Misc. History

33                            8/15/57                                   Methodist Churches

34                            8/22/57                                   Early Mills

35                            8/29/57                                   Baptist Churches

36                            9/5/57                                     Baptist Churches


Many thanks to Bill Eddins for obtaining and sending these copies!


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