Dushau, Mississippi

Per research conducted and submitted by Mr. Bob McFarland, Dushau was a lumber camp community established by the Gilchrist-Fordney company. Posted below are two mentions of Dushau that were located by Mr. McFarland in the Mississippi State Archives. One of these is a Jasper County News article that details the death of his Grandfather, W. J. McFarland. It was located in sections 29 and 30 T3N R10E, or about 3 miles west of Louin.





Note: This is a clip copied from a popular local Jasper County book entitled Hometown Mississippi. The community described is called Dushan instead of Dushau and ownership is credited to Eastman-Gardner instead of Gilchrist-Fordney. If this description is for the village of Dushau, the red dot on the map posted below approximates the location at 11 miles northwest of Bay Springs.





Speculated proximity of Dushau, Mississippi



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