The Jasper County Review

The Jasper County Review newspaper was established in Paulding MS in 1890. J.A. Mayer served as the founding editor. During 1892, the name was briefly changed to the Weekly Review, then back to the Jasper County Review with T.P. Lawless serving as the proprietor and editor. During 1917, under the direction of W.J. Shoemaker, the Jasper County Review was merged with the Bay Spring News to become the modern day Jasper County News.

During the tenure of Mr. T.P. Lawless, copies of the Jasper County Review were retained during a time period of 1892 through 1895. These issues were carefully preserved and now the descendents of the Lawless family have kindly provided digital photocopies for use on this website.

Viewing tip: At the bottom of each selected page, select “original” size and you will easily be capable of reading the small newsprint.

The Jasper County Review – 1892 Issues

The Jasper County Review – 1893 Issues

The Jasper County Review – 1894 Issues

The Jasper County Review – 1895 Issues

Note: The local news for many small Jasper County communities appears on page three of each issue. Because of my specific interest in Vossburg, I have snipped articles and advertisements that relate to this community. These appear at the following link:

Jasper County Review - Vossburg News and Ads

T.P. Lawless

Biography of T.P. Lawless

Many thanks go to the Lawless family for this valuable addition! – K.W.

These pages are a work in progress. While every attempt has been made to include accurate historical information, some error may be included. I invite corrections, additional information, additional photographs, and accounts of personal experience. Please contact me at the supplied address. Very little has been documented in regards to the dying towns and landmarks of east-central Mississippi. With your help, I hope to put together a few pages that we all can pass along to our grandchildren. Thanks!

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