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Located four miles north of Bay Springs on Hwy 15, Montrose was reportedly settled by a colony of Scots and named for James Montrose, a scottish patriot. According to the records compiled by the noted Jasper county educator and historian, Mr. J.M. Kennedy, the villiage was a whistle stop on the M.J. and Kansas City Railroad between Meridian and Paulding. Local establishments included a bank, post office, numerous stores, churches, mills, gins, and Montrose Academy, established in 1841 by Reverend J.N.Waddell . The Jasper County Review newspaper is reported to have been originally published in Montrose, 1890, by W.W. Moon. By 1892 the paper listed it's home as Paulding, owned and published by P.T. Lawless.

Reverend Waddell's establishment of Montrose Academy in 1841 led to the villiage becoming know as the "Oxford of Jasper County." However, when Dr. Waddell was elected Professor of Ancient and Modern Languages at the University of Mississippi, the Montrose Academy was closed. Jasper County was largely absencent of schools until the early 1860's when a high school was opened.


Montrose Academy



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