Utopia Lodge and Fish Camp, Mississippi




This is a picture of Utopia Lodge located on Old Highway 11 just south Of Westís Grocery near Vossburg, Mississippi. During the early 50ís, the Utopia Lodge and Fish Camp was owned by J.W. Barnett, Sr. At the time this photograph was taken, the facility was managed by Bob Siebels and his wife Tommie Loper Siebels. It was a great place for locals to unwind, and weary tourists on Highway 11 could stop for a good meal of fresh caught fried fish and have a good nightís sleep.  Once Interstate Highway I-59 was opened, travelers stopped taking Highway 11 and the Lodge went out of business.



The Home of J.W. Barnett, Sr. and his wife Myrtle Howell Barnett. This home and his grocery store were located just up the hill from the Utopia lodge going south on Highway 11.

Bob Siebels, Tommie Loper Siebels, Barbra Siebels, and a Big Bass - 1954



Dave Boney (the local gas man) with Mac McCormick (the Heidelberg druggist) sporting a typical dayís catch




A.E. Prine, of Heidelberg, MS


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