Map of Vossburg -circa 1900 ~ 1940

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 1. Stafford Springs Hotel                                         

2. Stafford Springs Motor Lodge                             

3. Woodrow Martin Gas Station / General Store / Bus Station

4. Woodrow Martin Café                                                                  

5. William & Etta Martin Home                                                                        

6. Martin's Orchard                                                                    

7. Emma McLendon Home (Grace Arledge Touchstone's Aunt)                              

8. Bessie Chatman Home                                                                                 

9. Tom & Willie May Chatman Phillips Home (Parents of Bessie May Chatman)

10. Unknown                                                                                      

11. Unknown                                                                                      

12. Sanford Home                                                                                           

13. Robert & Bonnie May Martin Home                                                          

14. Bill Martin (Rent House)                                                                

15. Marvin Gordon's Store & Garage                                                         

16. Gordon Home                                                                                                

17. Joe Gillum Home (Rowell Rent House)                                    

18. Vossburg Cemetery                                                                                

19. Rowell Rent House (Unknown)                                                        

20. Homer & Eunice Eddins Home                                                              

21. Eddins Store (2nd location)                                                                    

22. Rowell Store (Later 1st Eddins Store)                                       

23. Sylvester & Corene Rowell Home                                                        

24. Vossburg School                                                                         

25. Middelton Donald Cotton Gin                                                    

26. Dr. Rem Arrington Office (Vossburg Dentist)                                

27. Dr. Arrington Home                                                                                   

28. Lee & Willa May Sanford Donald Home                                                   

29. Voss Rent House                                                                             

30. Gay Voss Home                                                                          

31. Vossburg Rail Depot                                                                              

32. Voss Hotel                                   

33. J. Ellis and Lillian Bounds Store (Ellis' 1st wife was the daughter of Voss - Founder of Vossburg)                

34. Vossburg Mineral Spring                                                                     

35. J. E. Bounds Home                                                                                       

36. Elish & Lilla Martin Store (Parents of Bill & Robert)                 

37. U.S. Mail Pole                                                                             

38. Donald Wood Yard                                                                                 

39. Original Railroad Bridge                                                            

40. Elbert Brown Butcher Shop (Sold beef on weekends)

41. 2nd Location of Post Office (prior to being relocated to #42)

42. 3rd Location of Post Office (Until early 1980's)

43. Grist Mill (Gasoline Engine Driven)

44. Chester Arledge Store

45. Dr. Stafford's Medical Office

46. Turner's General Mercantile Store (Largest in Vossburg - 2 story building included drug store & funeral supplies. Bought by Oscar Lee in the early 1900's. Later bought and operated by Leroy Wells.

47. Turner's Warehouse Building

48. Martin's Warehouse Building

49. Rufus Williford General Store

50. Brownlee Barber Shop and Home

51. Cotton Warehouse

52. Louis Rhoden's Café

53. Jesse & Winnie Blackledge Store

54. Bryan & Lotti Martin Store

55. Matt Martin's Garage / Service Station and Home. Later operated by William "Little Bill" Martin Jr. and wife Christine

56. Drive-on Service Ramps for #55

57. Original Vossburg Post Office. 2 story. PO Downstairs. Upstairs was the Carpenters' residence.

58. Oscar D. Lee Home

59. Lee Store Warehouse

60. Vossburg Methodist Church

61. Chester H. Arledge Home

62. Lena Cook Home - Sister to Oscar Lee

63. Tom & Teresa Thornton Home. Teresa was a sister of Trudy Bounds' mother (See Lake Bounds)

64. John & Molly Stanley Martin Home - Parents of Winnie Martin Blackledge Molly was the sister of Bud Stanley who married the sister of Lucy Webb Touchstone, my great-great grandmother

65. Pick and Grover Thorton Sawmill

66. Dr. Stafford Residence

67. Singleton's Home - Telegraph operator @ rail depot

68. Pick, Grover, and Grace Thorton Home - Brothers and sister. Grover was reportedly an engineer and world traveler. It's rumored that he once designed and built an airplane that was too heavy to fly. He brought bamboo sprouts back from the orient and planted them in the railroad hollow. They thrived and bamboo groves remain there until this day.

69. Arthur Reynolds Home - Mail carrier

70. John & Winnie Ardledge Home - Parents of Grace Wells

71. Williford Home

72. Middilton Donald Home - Owner of cotton gin

73. Vossburg Spring - Source of public water supply

74. Ethridge Home

75. Vossburg Black Public School

76. St Peter Church

These pages are a work in progress. While every attempt has been made to include accurate historical information, some error may be included. I invite corrections, additional information, additional photographs, and accounts of personal experience. Please contact me at the supplied address. Very little has been documented in regards to the dying towns and landmarks of east-central Mississippi. With your help, I hope to put together a few pages that we all can pass along to our grandchildren. Thanks!

Keith Wilkerson

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