Vossburg Methodist Church

Founded in 1882



The only grave in the church yard. Rev. Theo S. Noroman? I assume this was the first pastor, but the name does not agree with the list of pastors listed in the 1996 church homecoming bulletin posted below.


Members of Vossburg Methodist Church - Standing on the church steps - circa 1980

Sherry Allen, Ann Thomas, Francis Brewer, Dan Brewer, Una Logan, Harold Logan, Verda Mae Brewer, Dewey Brewer, Donis Brewer, Ann Stafford Petermann, Randy Brewer, Herman Dykes, Wessie Dykes, James Thomas, Bobby Stephens, Sandra Thomas, Larry Hillard, Grace Wells (wife of Leroy Wells), Lena Lightsey, Bonnie Mae Martin (wife of Robert Martin)


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