Some present day shots of downtown Vossburg

Site of the Mid Donald home. During the early 1940's this site was used to set up a traveling motion picture theatre. On Saturdays, an unknown gentleman hauled a large tent and a projector to the site. After erecting the tent, the truck, which housed the projector, would be backed up to one end of the tent. Old westerns and horror movies would be projected onto a pull-down screen at the opposite end of the tent. Admission was $.10 for children and $.25 for adults. Blacks and whites sat within the same tent, segregated by a center isle between the folding chairs.

The old Blackledge home


The Blackledge Store


Old Highway 11 through the center of town

The old Oscar Lee Home. This home was once surrounded by one of the most beautiful brick and ornate iron fences that I have ever seen.


The old Thornton Home and the Lee pecan groves

Remains of the Vossburg Post Office (during the 50's - 70's)


Site of the old Turner Store. Present Vossburg Post office is on left.


The new Vossburg Bridge. This is the third bridge to be built in the same location. The first burned during the 60's. The foundations of the second washed out. Two warehouses and several store once occupied the vacant land on the left. Martin's garage and several stores occupied the land on the right. It's hard to imagine that this was once the center of a town.


Road that descends into the railroad hollow (the original Highway 11 prior to the first bridge)



Martin's General Merchantile, located on the right. Farther down the hill on the right was the J.E. Bounds store and the Vossburg Hotel.



Martin's Warehouse



Foundation remains of the Vossburg Rail Depot

The Vossburg Spring which supplied water to the Voss Hotel. Hotel was located to the left.

The Vossburg Cemetary


The old Eddins home


The H.G. Eddins Grocery



These pages are a work in progress. While every attempt has been made to include accurate historical information, some error may be included. I invite corrections, additional information, additional photographs, and accounts of personal experience. Please contact me at the supplied address. Very little has been documented in regards to the dying towns and landmarks of east-central Mississippi. With your help, I hope to put together a few pages that we all can pass along to our grandchildren. Thanks!


Keith Wilkerson


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