Pair Dresden Porcelain Cherub Candlesticks

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This gorgeous pair of cherub figural candlesticks has quite an interesting story in my family.  I was always told that my great grandmother had received the "pair" as a wedding gift (mid 1800s).  One of them (the one on the right) had come down to my branch of the family.... I always remember it sitting on the mantle in my grandmother's house, and later in my own mother's house.  The other had been given to a different offspring.

At any rate, sometime in the early 1960s I think, my mother saw the mate in an antique magazine, wrote to the company and bought it (for WAAAY too much money - and much more than my starting bid for the pair).... she REALLY wanted the pair.

SO, these have been together again for awhile.  

They really are lovely.... but not exactly my taste, and don't really "go" with anything in my own home.

They stand 10 inches tall and the base is 5-1/2 inches across.  The raised flowers are so intricate and pretty.  However, while the cherubs are facing each other, as I inspect them more closely I find that there are more flowers on the base of the left one than on the right.  I've looked at these candlesticks for YEARS and never noticed that.

The one on the right shows a bit more wear, some of the gold around the edge is worn.  And, I found a small chip at the top where the candle goes.

Feel free to email for more detailed photos.

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