Links along the reef of the internet.

There were no banners to copy, so here's the navigation bar for a great horror resource. I post in The Pit as Jackula.

I've been an affiliate member of the HWA coming up on 6 years now.  Love it or hate it, I'm sticking with it.

"Listening to the Invisible World" :Read my interview with Peter Straub here--it's a French website that stole it from Andy Fairclough's old Masters of Terror site. Scroll down 'til you hit English.

If you're not subscribing to this, you're not serious about horror.
You've already missed the "interview" Mikey Huyck and I conducted with Arthur Machen.  But look for more of our contributions, coming soon.

This is just a very cool site about fin-de-siecle art and literature, especially that of the Symbolists and Decadents.

Visit pimp-daddy Brian Keene's homepage--and read No Rest for the Wicked Redux!

This stuff makes me laugh.

This guy makes me laugh.

This band makes me laugh.