James Hrynyshyn
Freelance journalist and communications consultant

On the Rocks
Thanks for taking an interest. James Hrynyshyn is an independent-minded journalist specializing in science, ecology and, whenever possible, marine issues. He has a degree in marine biology, another in journalism, and experience working on the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic coasts.
He brings all that to bear on an almost daily basis through his blog, The Island of Doubt, as part of the SEED magazine blogging team.    He began his career at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass., where he served as a public information officer and science writer alongside some of the top people in the field. A variety of positions with community and daily newspapers in Canada and the United States, beginning the tri-weekly Enterprise in Falmouth, Mass., fostered a fascination with politics and democracy, culminating in four years of membership in the Parliamentary Press Gallery in Ottawa. The lure of the Arctic wilderness drew him to Yellowknife, N.W.T., and Northern News Services, where he spent five years honing his skills as an editor.
   For much of the past 15 years he has pursued a freelance career, filing for a variety of newspapers and magazines, including New Scientist, Canadian Geographic and Up Here. He has the (unfortunate) distinction of writing the cover story for the final issue of Equinoxmagazine. A sampling of selected works is available at this site.

     He recently spent two years as communications coordinator for Project Seahorse, a marine conservation and research organization based at the University of British Columbia's Fisheries Center, with which he keep close ties.

James Hrynyshyn is dedicated to the distribution of timely and accurate information that is ecologically sound in both form and content. Click on the Earth for more contact information, including a curriculum vitae, a snail-mail address and a telephone number. E-mail should be addressed to jamesh@cyamid.net.

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