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Download Site For SSTV32 - WinSkan - ProSkan



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SSTV32 VERSION For Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP

The pictures displayed below are examples of pictures received from the HF bands

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The pictures displayed below are pictures received and then transferred via SSTV32's built in FTP Program to my Web Site when I'm on the air and receiving pictures.

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Requirements for SSTV32:

1: Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP

2: Computer: 486-DX66 or faster  with a minimum of 1 megabyte of disk space and 12 megabyte of memory.
   ( more is better )

3: Video Card capable of atleast 32k color ( 24 bit would be better ).

4: Sound Blaster Compatible audio system that will do 22k/44k sample at 16 bits Mono, most do.

Here are few reasons that set SSTV32 apart from WinSkan and possibly others:

1: The ability to add text - pic "n" pic -  crop & paste from either Rx or Tx port while Rx or Tx is is active

2: Built in FTP Program transferring

3: Live Web Cam Viewer...Watch other Live Web Cams While program is active.

4: Digital Voice ID for Start Mode & Ending transmission.

5: Programmable Auto Loading for external programs such as Paint, Picture Organizers etc.

6: Modular Concept so you Customize your   Desk Top viewing area plus Resizing of Panels also.

7: Microsoft Video To Interface directly to Motion Video such as Cable, Camcorders & Satellite Dish

8: Twain Interfacing for Flat Bed Scanners, Frame Grabbers & Camcorders by still framing.

9: Drag "n"Drop from your Browser,  Windows Explorer File Names, Thumbnail Organizers etc.

The list goes on, lots of other features.....Give it a Test Drive and see what you think. You can

download the Shareware here  Sstv32s.ZIP  Note The Shareware will run for 30 minutes and will have to be restarted for the next session, until then all features will be accessible.

NOTICE TO REGISTERED USERS: Get your Updates Here:  USSTV32.ZIP  With it's own Auto Installer.

Extract Files to your existing registered SSTV32 program folder, using Windows Explorer RUN the UpdateP.exe program. ( Att:  You may want to make backup copies of your existing files )

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WinSkan Version 1.10 For Windows 3.x/95/98/NT

Lots of features at an affordable price. This a great program for beginners and SWL's.


1: Computer - 386DX 33mhz CPU or better

2: Video Card capable of 64k color or better

3: Sound Blaster Compatible audio system with 22k/44k capabilities

This program can be downloaded at this URL:  WinSkans.ZIP

NOTICE TO REGISTERED USERS: Get your Updates Here: WinSkan 1.10

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ProSkan 3.02 For Dos


1: Computer - 386 or better & Requires a Serial Interface. This can made from spare parts or Purchase One. Schematics and parts List are supplied with the program. Download Here: ProSkan.ZIP

These Shareware Programs can be accessed from many fine Ham Web Sites on the internet. Caution make you are getting the latest Versions: SSTV32 Version & WinSkan Version 1.10.


Free Screen Grabber Program

You can Crop and Move around the screen by using the F2 key will let you paste directly to the Clipboard or you can use the F1 option to set the color level and save folder for fast screen grabs of any size on the fly. You can download " Stealer " Free !!.   Try it you will find it helpful Grabbing Clipart
& Pictures.

Download Steal It Here:  Steal It

For lots of ham radio related stuff check these sites:

In Japan where WinSkan is very popular See WinSkan Japanese Site by Kanmon Yamaguci SSTV Lab.

  Yamaguci SSTV Lab

  Wayne's World " KB1HJ "

Jamie-KA1LPA  <<E-Mail Link