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I attend GWU, and it rocks!

Boogie Jack's is where I get many of my clipart images.


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These are web sites that I either visit often or like a lot. I think you'll like them, too.

News, Government, and Politics

  • Historical Documents  Not many people today seem to have acquainted themselves with the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or the Federalist Papers. Anyone who wishes to have a credible opinion about government and politics should have intimate knowledge of these documents.
  • Libertarian Party   My philosophies tend to match those of the Libertarian Party. Libertarians are people who, unlike many Republicans, actually want smaller government and more freedom.

  • The Neal Boortz Show   Mr. Boortz is a Libertarian radio talk show host, based in Atlanta, who loves to disseminate his opinions. He has many good insights, but don’t believe everything he says.

  • The New York Times   This is the newspaper of record, although it has an unfortunate liberal bent. You can obtain good information if you can see through the bias.

  • The Washington Post  This is another excellent, albeit liberal, newspaper.

  • FOXNews.com  The Fox Channel, unlike almost every other major news service, has a conservative bent. Unfortunately, it’s not “fair and balanced” as it claims to be, but then, neither are the other news organizations.

  • CNN.com  This is the web site of the Clinton News Network… err, Cable News Network (CNN). CNN is definitely liberal, but again, if you can see through the bias, you can get good information.

  • usnews.com  I’ve found U.S. News and World Report to be the most sophisticated of the print news magazines. It has the most focus on "hard news."

  • TIME.com  Time is another good print news magazine, but it can focus too much on pop culture, which it should leave to Entertainment Weekly, in my opinion.

  • Newsweek  What I said for Time, I could also say for Newsweek.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

  • TrekWeb.com  As its subtitle says, it is truly "the source for everything Trek." This is my sole source for the latest Star Trek information. The BBS is also one of the best available.

  • The Cynics Corner   David Sluss provides biting, yet accurate, commentary about episodes of Star Trek (and Andromeda, for the few who actually watch it). Unfortunately, he has tired so much of Enterprise, the current Star Trek series, that he no longer reviews new episodes, but the review archive is funny as hell.

  • Psi Phi  Go here for the latest and greatest information about Star Trek books.

  • Slayage.com  This web site has the latest news about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff, Angel.

  • TheForce.net  This is the most comprehensive Star Wars site on the Internet. It has news and everything else one could imagine.

Web Design Help

Weird & Wacky

  • Bored.com  If you're ever bored, which certainly would never happen while you're browsing my web site, take a gander at Bored.com.

  • MiniClip.com   You'll find silly games and absurd animations here.

Computer Gaming