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I attend GWU, and it rocks!

Boogie Jack's is where I get many of my clipart images.


Jason's Writings

Writing is amongst my favorite pastimes. Nothing satisfies me more than transcribing my thoughts and feelings onto paper (or into a word processor) for all the world to see.

In that spirit, below you'll find links to some of my columns, essays, and other works.

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Terrace Scroll Columns

The Terrace Scroll is the official student newspaper of my former high school, Belleville East. I was an assistant editor for the Terrace Scroll during my junior year, and during my senior year, I was editor-in-chief. Aside from editing and laying out the newspaper each month, I also wrote columns about the topics of my choice.

Honors Writing Essays

The toughest writing class in my old high school was Honors Writing Skills, a one-semester course for seniors. My teacher, Mrs. Misselhorn, challenged students to produce their very best work (challenge might be a bit of an understatement). These are the results.

College Papers and Essays

Here's a collection of writings I've completed for courses at George Washington University.


Poking fun at nonsensical traditions and egomaniacal politicians is one of my favorite hobbies.