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Welcome to the start page for Jay Mc Donald.  Follow one of the links below to go to that category.

McDonald Home Page
is one of my first pages with enough animated gif's to drive anyone crazy!

RHS '75 Alumni Page
You know who you are - here's how to get there

Ripon College '79 Alumni Page
Sign on and keep that info coming!

Jay’s Java Waystation
Time to have some fun!

Jay’s Misc Ripon Page
A miscellaneous site used from time to time

Why Invest In A Coin Laundry
is an on-line investment seminar providing you with general information on                          opportunities in the coin laundry industry

Alliance Laundry Systems
Where I work

Speed Queen Commercial Laundry
Speed Queen is the # 1 brand in the commercial laundry industry

Speed Queen (Unofficial Page)

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