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Finding the Right Math Tutor

Let's face it; finding a suitable math tutor for you or your child can be a daunting task. What qualifications should you consider when choosing a math tutor? Does a teaching certification and experience indicate that a tutor or even a teacher may be right for you or your child? How much should you pay is another important criteria in selecting a good math tutor. Another important consideration is, should you try a Professional Tutoring Service?

Experience, certification and cost cannot guarantee the tutor will be suitable for your needs. Also, Professional Tutoring Services cannot guarantee success. Many of them charge high costs but pay the tutor very little in return. Another consideration is the tutor doing this because he or she is between jobs or desperate for some modest income?

To answer some of these questions, I encourage you to read Tips For Finding A Good Math Tutor and Professional Tutoring Services - Is It The Best Option for more insightful information. You may be surprised on what you may learn. Another thing; don't pay over $35.00 per hour for a math tutor. This may be a telltale sign that the tutor is tutoring for the money and not really caring about you or your child's success.

Why My Tutoring Services

What you can expect:

  • Confidentiality, respect and most importantly patience
  • Dedicated and highly motivated in you or your child's success
  • Help with study skills and ability to model good student behaviors
  • Concentrated effort to aid in your understanding of difficult material
  • Ability to help identify learning obstacles and ways to overcome them
  • Excellent communication skills and knowledgeable in math, physics and computer science

I have been teaching and tutoring mathematics and computer science for over 25 years and one important trait in being successful with my students is enthusiasm. This makes the entire learning process click and motivates the student and builds the confidence necessary to succeed. Since I am not affiliated with any of the Professional Tutoring Services I can be more flexible in scheduling and delivering quality tutoring. I have a passion for tutoring; a trait that comes from within and will do everything to see you or your child succeed.

I will customize my tutoring to the level of your needs. Students prefer such individual instruction because it allows them to learn at their own pace without the pressure of peers or authorities. Parents, eager for their children to succeed, realize their children often need more personalized attention than they can get in a classroom.

You can find out more about my teaching background on my About Me page.

Who can benefit

If your child is having difficulties in math, trying to get by in a classroom environment can be a stressful situation. Other times they are enrolled in order to advance themselves in their learning and become challenged.

I provide one-on-one personal instruction usually carried out in the student's home or on some other neutral site. When your child is given undivided attention, they can be taught in the learning style that best suits them. Their questions and concerns can be addressed and it is more likely that they will understand the concepts being taught to them in their classroom.

Also, you do not necessarily have to be a student to benefit from my tutoring services. People in the business sector wanting to improve their math or computer programming skills have also benefited from my tutoring services. I have tutored clients of all ages and backgrounds.


I try to keep my rates reasonable and the general guidelines I use in commuting distances are listed below:

  • $20.00 in-house
  • $25.00 out-of-house with 15 mile radius or so commute from Brookline, New Hampshire
  • $35.00 out-of-house with 16 to 25 mile radius or so commute from Brookline, New Hampshire

Homework and Research Projects

Quite often I had students that did not need formal tutoring, but were stuck on a particular homework assignment. For example, not understanding how to solve a particular problem or how one step led to another. Sometimes intermediate steps where not provided or how they are related to the over all solution. Additionally, I had those in industry that required assistance or advice on writing software applications for their business website or research project.

Since this activity has become quite popular, I decided to mention this option on this post. Typically, the problem or request is emailed to me with as much detail as possible, including a due date. If the task can be completed by the due date, an email is sent as soon as possible with a quote. If the task cannot be completed the due date, an email is sent that the task may not be completed by the due date. In some circumstances additional information is provided on how best to solve the problem or research project.

If the request is a homework problem, the typical charge $5.00 or so per problem, depending on the complexity of the problem and due date. If the request requires research as in writing code for industry or a private person, then I generally negotiate a fair price. In the past, this service has worked quite well for students stuck on a particular homework problem or in understanding a particular topic. It has also benefited industry that needs a fast turn around time in solving or implementing a software requirement.

Computer Technology

Modern technology has evolved to the point that it should be routinely used by students in mathematics or physics. Computer calculators and graphing based graphing and simulations opens the door for students to explore and solve realistic and interesting applications. The teaching and learning of traditional topics can be improved with the full use of technology. Computer and calculator based technology can turn the mathematics into a mathematics laboratory. Technology gives rise to interactive mathematical models that permit a focus on problem solving and encourage generalizations based on evidence. With the use of this technology, learning becomes an exciting, rewarding, enjoyable and intensive educational experience. It is in this spirit of exploration and experimentation that these computer based calculators and graphing applications are made available. You can find links to these programs on the left side of the website under Software Applications.

What next?

On the left side you will find just some of the topics I am qualified to tutor. If you don't find a particular course of interest, just contact me me and maybe I can accommodate to your special requirements.

You may find it helpful to visit: Personal Tutoring Blog Site where you will find a myriad of informative articles.

Your satisfaction

I am dedicated to your success in whatever subject area I am tutoring and will do whatever it takes to ensure you or your child's success.

And finally...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those I have helped in the past. I appreciate the numerous comments received and found them quite informative. Some helped improve my tutoring style, others requested additional software applications be available or tips in improving my website. One thing I learned is that no one is perfect.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you found the information helpful. I enjoy tutoring and helping students with the desire to succeed. I look forward in working with you or your child to ensure his or her success.

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