Angie Neis, CPM

Certified Professional Midwife, Johnson City, TN serving eastern Tennessee
Complete Midwifery Services Home Birth, Family Birth

I am married and have two sons who were born with midwives, one in a hospital, the other at home. I became interested in midwifery in 1993 during my first pregnancy and began actively pursuing midwifery education in 1995.

I have a strong commitment to promote the diversity of birthing choices available to parents and am prepared through training and experience to assist low risk home births. I view childbirth as a healthy natural process that is ultimately a spiritual and transformational experience. An educated woman allowed to choose her birth environment and supported in her choices will have the most positive outcome. Each family has its own ideals and beliefs which I will respect.

I studied with home birth midwives for three years in North and South Carolina. I then studied at Maternidad La Luz, birth clinic and school in El Paso, TX. I was involved with the complete prenatal, birth and postpartum care of women and newborns. I received certification from a MEAC accredited school and passed the NARM exam in 2001. Prior to this I attended college in Utah, Colorado, and South Carolina. I hold an associates degree in science from the College of Eastern Utah. I maintain certifications in neonatal resuscitation, infant and adult CPR. I participate in ongoing education by subscribing to trade journals and through attending conferences and seminars. I also attend peer review in the state.

I have attended more than 220 births, in over 70 of which I was the primary midwife. I have participated in or observed the management of the following complications: premature rupture of membranes, prolonged labor, failure to progress, malpresentations, posterior presentation, pregnancy induced hypertension, preeclampsia, HELLP Syndrome, gestational diabetes, fetal distress, shoulder dystocia, precipitous birth, episiotomy, perineal lacerations, postpartum hemorrhage, retained placenta, maternal shock, infant resuscitation, congenital abnormalities, postpartum infections, tears requiring sutures, breast feeding challenges, and twins delivered vaginally.

I consider it a privilege and a blessing to participate in the birth experiences of my clients and I am truly dedicated to supporting families at this very special time in their lives.

Angie Neis, midwife serving eastern Tennessee
Offering doula services for your hospital birth, or assisted home deliveries

Contact me by phone 423-434-2102 or email.

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