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Testimonials from Previous Clients

I have the unique experience of having Angie's services as a midwife and doula and also working with her on a professional level. I hope I can offer you a well-rounded view of her midwifery style and abilities.

I chose a midwife because I wanted a more personal involvement than an obstetrician could provide. Angie was available not only to answer questions but also emotionally when I just needed a shoulder to cry on. She has a soothing manner that empowers you.

I developed high blood pressure around 28 weeks and began seeing a physician. Angie was there for every doctor appointment and hospital visit: blood drawn, non-stress tests, you name it. She is very knowledgeable about herbal and natural remedies. One day she spent several hours teaching me to juice fruits and vegetables and planning healthy menus. She even lent me her juicer because I didn't have one and couldn't afford one. Unfortunately my problem didn't resolve and I delivered in a hospital. Angie spent three days of labor with me and served as a doula as well as provided post-partum care.

Professionally, I taught childbirth education classes with Angie and assisted at several pre-natal exams and one birth. Having observed her interaction with various clients I can say that one of the most impressive things about Angie is that she tailors her level of involvement to meet the individual's needs. I needed a mother/sister/friend and she served as that. I have seen her be extremely respectful of her clients' desire for privacy and minimal emotional involvement as well. In class she displayed a vast array of knowledge about pregnancy and birth; she also puts a lot of energy into researching things she may not know.

I highly recommend Angie as a midwife or doula.

Michelle Helm

We were very pleased with Angie as our midwife. I delivered our fourth baby at home Nov, 2003. Our previous babies were standard hospital births. Angie took lots of time with me during prenatal visits so that I felt that she was more connected to my birth and baby than any of the doctors I had seen with my other pregnancies. She was very careful about screening my medical history for any possible complications and seemed extremely cautious about taking risks that would endanger the baby or mother. She was very sensitive about what was important to me during the birth.

During the birth, her presence was especially helpful. Besides knowledge and ability, the most important thing during birth is calmness. Angie's naturally serene demeanor and her confidence from experience with other births made the whole atmosphere very relaxed. Just her being there had an empowering effect on me, and made me feel that I could handle the birth. I knew that she wouldn't hesitate to intervene or transfer me to the hospital if she had any doubts about how things were going. After the birth, she was very good at making sure my needs for care were met, and she seemed to enjoy the baby as much as I did!

I think Angie is an excellent midwife - she has the knowledge, has experienced lots of births, and has the kind of personality that helps the mother to be confident and relaxed. She's also not hesitant about using medical assistance when necessary for safety.

Leslie Laurio

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