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Jeff Stueber, writer and creator

Jeff Stueber - with the ability to speak on the subject of Saturday Night Live or the sick, twisted humor of South Park - yet be able to deeply talk about philosophy and politics. And yet, Star Trek is a favorite subject when not feasting on footage or books on World War II or Communism or thinking heavily about the Green Bay Packer football team. That's me all rolled into one.

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Deeply Philosophical:

How can some atheists both have hatred toward God and yet
be atheists, or can't they?
Why be a Christian when atheists can be as moral as Christians? (Can they really?) And what's this about Christian claims that without God, you can't know right from wrong?
An atheist Dad talks to his son about morality and evolution - a sample discussion showing the dead end of proposed atheist moral imperatives.

An essay about faith - that mysterious thing called "faith"

A response to the alt.atheism internet faq

The Philosophy of the movie Contact

Politics as usual:

An essay I was going to send to the editors of my political party's email newsletter on how the liberal Christian vote accounts for the election of many Democrats like Bill Clinton and Russ Feingold.

A small editorial I sent in to the Milwaukee Journal on the concept of "hate crimes."

The Occult in many of our children's Nintendo and computer games.
Clinton, "private" morality, and the future of public discourse.

The Philosophical Search for Moral Absolutes - an argument for moral absolutes and a refutation of several key arguments for moral truth and their identity.

On tour with the ACLU - highlights of the Meese vs. Strossen debate of Feb. 1998 at UW Whitewater

My brief commentary on the morality of the Jerry Springer show

A brief blurb on NDE (near death experiences)

Aborting our babies:

Darwin and all that:
What IS evolution?
The "Blind Watchmaker" as a god of Evolution
Evolutionary quotations and comments corner
Seasonally Affected Disorder, Darwinism, and Anti-Feminism
My interview with creationist Kent Hovind


My protest letter to the magazine Forward on an article I believed could have been written better. The authors, Bivens and Schuetze respond to me, and I respond back

Catholic responses to the growing internet threat. (I did this article for my now defunct conservative publication.)

The best of the best books I own - the most succinct and wise

Check out my philosophy of theistic realism and religious skepticism

You might be wondering, what do I read to be so knowledgeable. I'll tell you.

A commentary published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel at Darwinism - you have to scroll a little down the page to view what I said.
Commentary on what the Milwaukee Journal thinks about creationism - you have to scroll down a bit to see it.
My criticism of Charles Krauthammer's idea of reparations for blacks - published in the Milwaukee Journal - ditto about scrolling down to read it.
A short one on Richard Hanley's book on the metaphysics of Star Trek
A small review of Percy Bysshe Shelly on Tektonics ministries web site
My critique of Georges Rey's "Meta-Atheism" and Chris Bernard's reply to it

10 questions John Kerry and other liberals and evolutionists would not want to answer

Quoting an idea from Christianity Today on true tolerance
Religion and Wrestling
Pushing religion on kids - what's it mean?
a Dr. Laura S. cross post
My summary of a New Republic magazine book that got a nice thread going

a post on theistic evolution and theistic evolution got little support from fellow Christian philosophers

Or, read material from some debates I've had


If you're tired of reading philosophy, theology, and religion, take a break with these prose on other subjects than discussed above. Linda, the inept clerk OR The rummage sale - a real religious experience. How about reading about the redneck writer's group? Or, for fun, read A religious version of the tv show "Garfield and Friends" where John is the pastor and Garfield distributes dinner plates instead of communion wafers. Public domain file.



Gay book reviews, Jeffrey Satinover's Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth and Joe Dallas' Strong Delusions Peter Kreeft's A Refutation of Moral Relativism
Kelly Nicholson, Body and Soul, a book about mind/body dualism Bulk review of several works about feminism
B. C. Johnson's Atheist Debater's Almanac Gregory Koukl and Francis Beckwith's Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air
Review of Neil Comins, What if the Moon Didn't Exist  
Review of Humanist Manifestos I and II Darwinism Defeated? A debate between Phillip Johnson and Denis Lamoureux
William Dembski's Mere Creation  J. Budziszewski The Revenge of Conscience: Politics and the Fall of Man
Umberto Eco and Maria Martini, Belief or Nonbelief: a Confrontation Review of George Bockl's God Beyond Religion and Skylight Path's God Within, two New Age books
Review of Michael Moore's pseudo-documentary Bowling for Columbine Larry Witham's By Design: Science and the Search for God
Thomas Sowell The Vision of the Anointed Grace Halsell Prophecy and Politics: Militant Evangelists on the Road to Nuclear War
William Watkins The New Absolutes David Koyzis Political Visions and Illusions
Ken Ham Genesis and the Decay of the Nations and
The Lie: Evolution
Hugh Ross and Kenneth Samples et. al. Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men: A Rational Christian Look at UFOs and Extraterrestrials
Richard Neuhaus ed The End of Democracy George Lakoff Moral Politics: What Conservatives Know that Liberals Don't
Kenneth Miller's Finding Darwin's God small review of a dvd on global warming
Review of video tape debate between William Lane Craig and Frank Zindler Review of David Stove, Darwinian Fairytales
Patrick Glynn God: The Evidence Mark Ludwig Computer viruses and Evolution

Jeffrey Stueber

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