JFSEnterprise presents“21st Century”  Rod Holders for today's fishing enthusiast who will like using sophisticated Hi-Tek equipment  and anglers who like tantalizing experiences and  excitement coupled with electrifying results and Hi-Tek action


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You say your using old rod holders while your Bass fishing, Ice Fishing, Surf fishing, Catfish fishing? and Trout fishing too!

However, are you using State of the Art   

“Hi-Tech” equipment? 

 How about stepping into the “21st Century” ?

    Welcome to JFS Enterprise. Home to “21st Century” fishing rod holder. Never before has any rod holder, merged with technology while bass, striped bass, ice, pout and trout, or even catfish fishing, and combined with “21st Century” state of the art electronics, until you, the angler demanded it.      

  The JFS fishing Sentinel  rod holder work by holding one’s rod and line securely under all weather conditions, while you wait, sip on your favorite beverage, and anticipate the strike. But, not to worry, the Jig Fishing Sentinel fishing rod holders will abruptly alert you to the strike using it’s 1) High intensity Strobe light, and 2) it’s 95db Buzzer combination. See our DEMO page.

          So whether you’re so whether your bass, walleye, pout/trout , surf, or ice fishing, night or day, put our Jig Fishing Sentinel in your fishing tackle box and it will be your Sentinel too” . We promise a lot of Hi-Tech excitement, that only the Jig Fishing Sentinel fishing rod holders can deliver.                      

                                      “And we guarantee it.”




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 for nighttime stripe bass fishing for todays anglersfishing rod holder for ice fishing

Ice Fishing

           Carp or

Pout & Trout Fishing

Surf Casting at night

                     Night, Day, and in all weather conditions..

                                    “Rod Holders”

And with our

(strobe and Buzzer)




See our demo for pout & trout and catfish fishing too.double strike
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