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  • Direct Connect
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    This is a guide to make "backups" of your PSX games and software. I imagine the same system is used for GAMECUBE or Playstation 2.

    I can tell you how to get consol ISOs, and the utilities to use them. This Webpage is for Educational purposes only. Also note that trading and playing PSX, PS2 or gamecube games doesn't require the actual console, just the computer emulator and for games, a burner. [ Online Poetry Club ] [ Submit Poetry ] [ Writing ] [ Music Scores ] [ Poetry ] [ Writing Scams ] [ Homework Reference ] [ Hacking Yahoo ] [ Download Final Fantasy ] [ BHS poetry ] [ Download Final Fantasy ] [ PS2 ISOs ] [ Bodybuilding ] [ IQ Test ] [ Download SNES Roms ]

      Roms -- 
      Full FAQ of this SITE      11.3k 
      ISO Producer 64k 
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      Quick IQ Test -- 

    Chances are that you came here wanting to download stuff directly off this page. That's not possible. In turn, this page gives you the ability to find the games you want and download them after a little reading. If your too lazy to read all that, I set it up into mini sections for fast navigation through this page. Please be willing to read fore that is the only way to lean how to do this stuff. If you have any more questions please sign below but sign only after you have read everything there is to know. If you are satisfied please say thanks in the guestbook below.

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