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Just a few divertissements here, mostly of an artistic persuasion. I offer up some of my graphic art for inspection, a few scraps of poetry, and I propose to run a column of quasi-philosophical commentary. There is also a link to a web site I operate for flight simming



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Philosophical letters
On the subject of Freedom
     Chapter 1 on randomness
     Chapter 2 on causality
     Chapter 3 on intentionality
     Chapter 4 on representation

Theory of Dots
     Even More Dots




The virtual airline site is an independent project of mine. If you are interested in flight simming, it has lots of resources to keep you interested in flying. "Bloody computer" is a blog by a good friend of mine, specializing in taming your personal computer


A Brood Comb, specializing in philosophy of mind and language

Brood's Videos, a compilation of streaming video resources in philosophy

Manapatra's Blog, arguments for a rational view of life, the universe, and everything

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