Welcome to John's Jeeps!


Welcome to John's Jeeps!  Got MUD?

Real Jeeps are Built, not Bought!   

This page is "dedicated", per se, to the "Square Eyed" Jeeps...

not that there's anything wrong with the "round eyed" Jeeps, But there's

alot of "Square Eyes" out there doing serious wheelin'.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of our "Adventures in Jeeping"

...from the buildup of our Pet YJ (a.k.a...the Mistress)

 to the Restoration of our SJ (Dino) and the buildup of my wife's XJ Cherokee.

Sorry for the delay in updating this, it's been a LITTLE crazy!


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Trip Report - 2000 4x4 Blast

Trip Report - 2001 4x4 Blast

Trip Report - 2002 4x4 Blast

Trip Report - 2003 4x4 Blast

Trip Report - 2005 4x4 Blast

Trip Report - 2002 4x4 Safari 

Trip Report - 2003 4x4 Safari 



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